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  1. FlyingFrank

    Vw Lupo Press Cars

    Can you clarify where the "w" is supposed to be in the chassis number as they all start with a WVW ? thanks, Frank
  2. FlyingFrank

    repair manual

    Sadly there is no Haynes Manual for the Lupo and possibly the Polo one which covers the 6n2 may help although looking at my copy, the manual only covers Polo 1.0 litre and 1.4 litre including the 16v version , but NOT the GTI or diesel versions.
  3. FlyingFrank

    alloy wheel paint code?

    Just wondering if anyone knows the paint code for the standard alloy wheels fitted to Lupos......silver I know, but there are a multitude of silver shades ? Mine have a few scuffs and not planning to change wheels just yet so a little touch up wouldn't go amiss. Ha!
  4. FlyingFrank

    CL Stickers

    Here you go with contact details of the chap I used up in Sussex......he does a lot of different stuff for all makes of cars, but from a cost point of view it may be simpler to give him the basic design and then let individuals order what they want in the colour they want and that would avoid you having to get into ordering shed loads of stickers which may prove hard to sell on.... I'd hate to see you going into debt over the Club stickers.
  5. FlyingFrank

    CL Stickers

    Well, if you do order some up i'll have a black one in the top version please.....size wise I'd suggest a length of about 20 cms with height to match /balance ? But having said all that and being a very new "boy" on the block , shouldn't we get the approval of the clubs " Moderators" first ?
  6. FlyingFrank

    CL Stickers

    Well, i guess its the sort of thing that you might want to get a members vote on, but personally I'd go for the first ( top ) version. As for colour , you're probably correct in assuming black to be the best and most obvious choice. Count me in for one if we get to the point of ordering some up. A while back I got some Audi Sport decals made up by a guy based up in Sussex and he did a great job and was quite reasonable. Can pass you his details if you want and I have no financial connection ....in case you wondered.
  7. FlyingFrank

    Hello from Cornwall

    I think you're just trying to find work for me to do on my perfect little car !
  8. FlyingFrank

    CL Stickers

    Well, I'd certainly like to see what you were thinking of reference the stickers, and what ever they look like, I promise not to give you indigestion after your Sunday lunch! ;-)
  9. FlyingFrank

    CL Stickers

    So here am i new to the Forum and looking for club stickers .......come on mscherryviolet , where are the designs you were going to post ?
  10. FlyingFrank

    Hello from Cornwall

    Hi Rich, thanks for the advice , I'm a little wary of fiddling with auto gearbox fluids, I had a very nice Audi 80 Estate with auto gear box and when the fluid was changed in that ( mileage about 110,000 ) 200 miles later , the whole thing gave up on me and had to scrap the car as replacement/re-build gearbox was in the region of £1800 ; felt that after that experience, it might be better to leave things alone if they are working ok . The Lupo has only done 32,000 miles by contrast and has an incredibly smooth gearbox . As for paintwork, I was surprised to see that the car had a lacquer coating , normally the non metallic paints were without lacquer . However, VeeDubs with red paints ( and Audis ) are notorious for paint fade so maybe the lacquer was an attempt to prevent the fade ? Spanish built too so not quite the Wolfsburg finish ? ;-)
  11. FlyingFrank

    Hello from Cornwall

    Just joined this illustrious gang of Lupo owners. Indoctrination was the collection drive from the M25 outskirts down to my home here in the West Country. 275 miles in 4 hours 40 minutes, not bad going for the the 18 year old Lupo , even with its auto gearbox. ( My wife only drives auto so hence the purchase ) Car has excellent bodywork but the flash red paintwork is suffering lacquer peel, seems to be common on these red cars ? Is it just the red ones that suffer? Look forward to hearing others experiences with their pride and joys ……...

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