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  1. Not the best of names.. but are FAG wheel bearings good? sitting in my ebay shopping list, I have a cheap pair of them for £40 delivered from Germany.
  2. Admitedly it was a Mk4 I have seen them used hub on the car, no alignment changed Ebay wheel bearing removal kit - there may not be the same amount of room on our Lupo's Personally I also prefer the hub out, I have a cheap press and I use a Bearing race driver to push the bearing home
  3. Cleaning behind my arch liners today I found the nearside arch liner was rubbed by the wheel against the footwell. even more annoying, under the liners there was patches where the wheel had rubbed down to the metal and a PO had just covered this with a new liner. I am guessing its wrecked control arm bushes, will replacement stop this form happening? -not anything more sinister At least there wasn't anything growing in there & I replaced the rusted liner bolts with Audi stainless ones - Thanks Rich for the tip
  4. Screws - got a fist full from a scrap yard, soaked in Nitromors for 3 days, most of the black fell off giving: Yes -I think the recent scrapping i found on the liner was from a wheel spinning my way onto a main road, looks like its a front end re-build sooner than planned
  5. Remove open air!!

    Not sure why you are adding weight in a steel roof for rallycross. I can appreciate the likelihood of rolling is high, but you will have a rollcage. How about fibreglass roof panel moulded on another Lupo and bonded onto the nubbin of roof you have left in your open air?
  6. On the mk3 golf the switch is held in place by a screw within the steering column outer tube - this is only accessible after steering shaft has been removed and then with a jewellers screwdriver though an opening in oposite side of the outer tube. options for doing this on the golf were whole column out or disconnect the UJ at the pedals and pull wheel and shaft out of column outer tube -cant say if lupo is same -VW do tend to be lazy with their designs, they may well have left that opening for the screwdriver, therefore no need to get a new lock
  7. only done one on a mk3 golf, that was a bit of a faf, not fully familiar with the lupo arrangement, but it looks similar. I was suffering some wierd eletrical problems, replacement switch fixed it - the reward was worth the faf check this you tube vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOoraqzN7Hs
  8. still suggest worn / faulty ignition switch
  9. nearside rear light cluster

    I was in a scrap yard here here in Scotland yesterday on the seemingly endless hunt for those bloody widow clips... There was an Arosa sport sitting there, a lot had gone, but very sure the NSR tail was still there -I know this as it caught my attention as it was quite faded. I am planing to go back this week for something else, do you want me to take a closer look?
  10. To Polybush or not to Polybush

    For the occasional spirited drive OEM rubber bushes are fine. But if the OP wants more poly bushes tighten up and keep everything that way longer than rubber + they are easier to fit Yes- I've had Lemforder stuff very occasionally come with VW part numbers on them, sometimes even seen the number ground off too, build quality is really good and usually come with new nuts and bolts- something lesser brands don't do.
  11. New GTI Race Leads

    Treated my Gti to some new plugs & new ignition leads Really pleased with the build quality of the leads, they are half the price of Magnecor leads, choice of 3 colours and are British made from Formula Power Compared to the old cables they look to be twice the size, this means it is bye bye to the cable tray - shame about the rub line in the rocker cover. Got to say I am really pleased with the roadkill taught cable tie spacers

    Take the garage to small claims court for the cost of getting a new hub, bolts, taxis to and from work, time of work, stress of dealing with this, cat or dog neutering etc. I trust they only f'ed around with just the one wheel? - if they did that to a wheel what else have they done? I hear its character building, but the rub is where the 4th wheel ends up
  13. HELP! Tracking is screwed

    Ha! I know what you mean - but they are really accurate
  14. HELP! Tracking is screwed

    iphone comes out the box with a spirit level
  15. GTI oil separator removal

    if it is the hose coming up at the rear left side, it is in 2 sections and can be split at what I assumed is a heater element mid way - mine has been replaced with a catch can Should only be mayonnaise gunge in there
  16. GTI Inner CV - Same as Polo Mk4/5?

    Yes I will be dropping the box, it will be getting swapped over when my recently sourced spare 6 speed gets rebuilt with diff. I also sourced hubs and drive shafts too - going to rebuild them, was looking at sourcing joint .- I have had my share of moly CV grease under the finger nails, it is not something I am looking forward to. These will go in with
  17. Evening all - I think I read some wise words somewhere that Polo Mk4/5 inner CV is the same as Gti, did I dream this or is it true? If so, does this part work? J&R Polo inner CV on ebay
  18. Help arosa sdi (wheel bearing) noise

    Glad to hear it - good price & I suspect there is no one better with VAG boxes in the UK, going to send mine for quaife and rebuild If you want to help your engine rev, send him your fly wheel for lightening at the same time - he will even balance your pressure plate on the flywheel too!
  19. GTI Inner CV - Same as Polo Mk4/5?

    Thanks Rich - but those are very cheap and tempting
  20. Help arosa sdi (wheel bearing) noise

    Yes - gearbox rebuild - Gas N Gears in South Wales on facebook https://www.facebook.com/gasngears/ The guy is a VW legend. But he expects the box out of the car.
  21. Good Lupo deal on gumtree right now

    I hadn't sold anything on gumtree for a while - seems to me they have changed the mark as sold option or they have hidden it very well Suspect the seller couldn't find the sold option and have just deleted the add
  22. New to the family

    Use a smart phone to scan Bluetooth or WiFi OBD readers can be had next day from Amazon - dependant on what smart phone you use will dictate what type + what software to use Android - bluetooth & Torque app iPhone - WiFi & OBD car doctor app
  23. Problems with full length sunroof.

    If you get a new mechanism - the Stevens one or another -it wont matter how you get into your old roof your current mechanism is toast, as long as your good canvas is kept good (still assuming it is possible) to swap over. Personally, I think it is too tight time wise to get another roof for Friday, just chuck your old one back on and duct tape the edges - don't bother putting the roof lining in. this buys you some time to think and research. Not entirely sure why you need the roof entirely fixed just now in February?
  24. Problems with full length sunroof.

    You are really just buying a working drive. I'm no expert, but could you swap over your current canvas with the torn one when the weather is better? I have bought from Stevens in the past, they are not cheapest, but the mk3 door I got from them years ago was wrapped very well and I seem to recall they dispatch quickly. If this is not this you need to chuck the current roof back on for Friday.