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  1. Never said is was cheap. I agree cheapest option is oem, but if they are not available... Rigid brake pipes can be made to length at motor factors, but I would make my own cunifer ones. Bracket is no biggie, ask Hel for long enough hoses to reach the beam arm, cable tie the union on a saddle hard to the beam.
  2. Lupo Full service - need some tech answers

    Cheers for the info, good to know.
  3. The more expensive option is to get flexi hoses from the caliper and make up solid line to run down the beam arm to the short flexi adjacent to the bush. Just phone Hel, ask for Golf Mk3 to Mk4 rear caliper conversion hoses, or you could slum it with these Goodridge ones on ebay: Goodridge Mild steel fittings not as good as Hel will all stainless...but you get the idea I've got to ask, what on earth is linco?
  4. Lupo Full service - need some tech answers

    I think Rich is saying the expensive OEM green mineral based PAS fluid is not very good and should be swapped out for much cheaper Red PAS fluid -I'm holding on for the reason, mix and match on older golfs can be not cool for the seals, is this different for the Lupo? Yes - the Platinum oil is great stuff, I understand some TPS branches can be funny letting joe public in. Mine is fine and the guys are really great and are kind enough to give me some discount.
  5. what would you replace? (lupo GTi)

    Glad you are sorted
  6. definitely this: So is it just pot luck if you get Red or raw alloy?
  7. Dodgy central locking

    Common fault in VAG cars of this age is the micro-switch within the door lock module going faulty. This guy explains the fix well, even sells new microswitches: Fix for door module BMAC VAGS Clutch cost - put your reg into Eurocarparts or GSF -but wait till the weekend they tend to have money off offers.
  8. FFR Gearbox

    Assuming its a cable linkage: Diesel Geek  - How to adjust VW MK4, MK5, and MK6 5 speed shifter adjustment for 02J and MQ250 transmissions 5mm drill bit was too big for my gti selector, it was 4 or 4.5mm that worked. make sure you remember to undo the locking pin on the gearbox before trying your adjusted linkage.
  9. Everyone knows a Red rocker cover adds tons of BHP.... but why do some cars have just plain alloy?
  10. what would you replace? (lupo GTi)

    Assuming its a drive bearing, afraid it is more tools required. There is a bearing tool that removes and re-installs with hub on car, buy it either to keep or sell on used and get most of the money back. Or are you talking about drive shaft? - hub puller needed Depends if you are keeping or replacing the ball joints, if they are being replaced you dont need to worry about damaging the rubber grease caps -use a joint splitter / pickle fork and go to town with a club hammer. If keeping -there are tools to split them hooking around the hub & putting pressure on the top of the thread, there is a technique with a hammer on the hub, but its not the easiest to master. Lower ball joints are easier to remove with the hub off the car, you can see what you are doing and there is a bit more space - just unbolt from control arm
  11. what would you replace? (lupo GTi)

    Unless you live somewhere very nautical I wouldn't bother greasing the top mount. Every time I tried doing these by the book with spanners or open sockets etc. it never went well. rounding off the hex in the top off the shock was a favourite fail, or shearing the allen key in the shock another. I could usually get the strut off, but doing it up would be where the problems came. Invest in an impact gun- I have found the best option is with the car still on the ground - with the Impact gun buzz off the nut holding the limit plate & then the actual strut mount bolt. re-installation is just reversal, initially loose fit the strut in the tower, drop the weight back on an buzz the nuts reasonably tight - if you go mad you can crush the bearing, so don't go mad
  12. Did you get this sorted? Could be ignition switch
  13. Need to find my paint code - I know it is either Tornado Red & Flash Red but can’t seem to find what years they were used on the GTI. My service book does not have the white vehicle options sticker & the one on the boot floor is mashed up. With mine being a late 2005 one can someone confirm what colour it is?
  14. what would you replace? (lupo GTi)

    Interested in the thoughts on this.