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  1. LR5V

    GTI Upgrades

    I did spread it - it was a 3-4mm bead.
  2. LR5V

    GTI Upgrades

    New clutch kit arrived yesterday, same kit as I used before, testing the plate, it slid onto the shaft perfectly. Today was Dry, so pulled my finger out and got the Box back in by myself, I nearly gave up but sat down and had a think, visualising the 15-20 degree angle it needed to go in at from the front, the hardest part was getting the Right hand drive flange past the engine block. It was nearly there so used the long bolts on the starter motor in the rear top and bottom front holes to stop the box falling out. this lined the box up pretty well took a bit of a shake and it slid into place as a normal gearbox should. Some foreign object must has got into the spline in the previous attempt. I was unable to start the engine as the starter is going slow - may have fried it trying to start in gear. or the battery is low on charge, too tired to check just now. Unfortunately I cant drop it back onto its wheels as I need to do another job - the sump was my first sealant type one I have ever done, so I need to drop the new oil and take the sump off again. Think I may have not used enough sealant, all the research I did said don't use too much as it can drop into the sump - any guidance on size of bead needed?
  3. Yes he is - he offers to re-map / code out stuff in your ECU by post if that's any help
  4. He lists off the software in this thread on UKMKIV's page 1 of 40 (!) post 13 - his custom dash build is something else and currently the Golf is 400bhp on K04 with forged internals
  5. LR5V

    EPC & Check Engine

    it was x2 six cylinder engines together - there was an 8 series, could be M8 with v12 engine - throttle bodies on each bank
  6. Halfords do capsule bulbs that are more white than yellow, I have them and they do go better with factory xenons - 501 W5W 3500K Whiter Car Bulb Halfords Advanced Twin Pack I seem to recall trying some ebay LED ones, they claimed they were specifically for Lupo Gti, but had a head wider than the bulb body, they would not fit the opening into the light reflector... so it turned out not suitable for Gti at all!
  7. Weirdly this just popped up on ebay https://www.ebay.de/itm/ROTHE-MOTORSPORT-GMBH-TURBO-KRUMMER-GUSS-KRUMMER-1-6-L-16-V-LUPO-GTI-/292366541837 Cant search from UK ebay - only listing Germany for postage, needs the matting surfaces machined and stud holes need drilling Its designed for a K03 - why bother just fit better K03s
  8. LR5V

    GTI Upgrades

    That was just a dry run to clean out the threads - I will remove them when the box goes back in
  9. Could it be the Gti Xenons taking up the space stopping that option?
  10. LR5V

    SDI clutch noise

    Yes - they are 9mm
  11. LR5V

    GTI Upgrades

    Currently waiting on replacement Sachs clutch kit to be sent from I assume France - it is £1 more expensive than the ECP LUK rubbish - all covered in my seemingly never ending clutch thread! Those 2 gearbox bolts at the bottom of the sump have been a complete PITA for me. I don't know if its the KAM exhaust manifold taking up a lot more space than standard, but I have to drop the manifold to take them out. As I have been playing hokey-cokey with the gearbox & sump those 2 bolts have pee-peed me off for the last time. The weird thing is the tread in the gearbox is full depth and open on the other side - its crying out for stud conversion, took a bit of measuring and at the cost less than £2: Like the bolts, I can now undo the nuts with a spanner and if the manifold is too tight the stud can be wound in from gearbox side - using 5mm allen key head - to get the nut off - no more dropping the manifold. Original bolts are 8.8 tensile, couldn't find 8.8 grub screws and nuts, these are 14.9 and going to stud conversion I have greater clamping force.
  12. They all look like 1.8t stuff, wouldn't surprise me if it had ECU as well - I believe its a MAP sensor attached to elbow onto inlet and a standard bi-pass valve above the rocker releasing boost back into inlet - it is metered air, dumping to atmosphere creates a lot of problems on 1.8t's I know someone who runs a daily Mk4 with big power on an OEM ecu. He maps it himself and despite being standard management it is very versatile.
  13. I cant understand why the intake comes all the way from the back of the engine to the turbo?? From the MAF, diverter and boost sensor it looks like its running 1.8t management 276 bhp - From this thread

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