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  1. LR5V

    Rear speakers ( non gti)

    They are a standard sized aftermarket component speaker size, but agreed grilles could be an issue
  2. The diameter of new tie rods is within a 100th of a mm to the ones I had on before, that is assuming my old ones are Gti: 1 - 12.92 2 - 14.37 3- 14.43 ...and I didn't mention girth once!
  3. LR5V

    Lupo gti classic insurance purchased!

    Does your policy generate no-claims bonus?
  4. Got the Febi tie rods - My thanks to @yeha they are a touch longer - about 4mm longer, but if that is an issue it can easily be ground down The rubber dough-nut slips off with a bit of oil. Have to admit I am not the biggest fan of Febi stuff, but at less thn £24 for a pair I can live with them! Rod ends - I got these as complete tie rods, was happy till I found they were short, but the ends match the one I have taken off. Just for information they were Lemforder Steering Rod Assembly 25060 02 from the fitment in the ebay listing they appear to be standard across the Lupo range TPS were going to charge over £200 for a pair of complete tie-rods, so the good news is decent branded set up can be had for around £50 to £60 - even cheaper if you are not as fussy with brand, good news for keeping our Gti's on the road
  5. LR5V

    Rear speakers ( non gti)

    custom made adaptors to mount component speakers in rear
  6. LR5V

    Rear speakers ( non gti)

    - they look really good quality
  7. LR5V

    Rear speakers ( non gti)

    These are the ones Rich mentioned
  8. Looks like the Febi ones are Polo: When you pull up the "used in vehicles" up pops the Gti in pole position - apparently they stopped production in 2009, starting to think there must be typo's all over the place ust or
  9. Thanks - Will look into these, happy to grind down the extra - but considering both my old tie rod ends only used 35% of the thread I could live with the extra as is. Well ahead of you! - 2 weekends ago I bought a pair of Lemforder ones, same spec as my Mk4, very big difference in length -so big I didn't bother to measure! + the thread that goes into the rack is a M14, when the Lupo one is M12, one size bigger - in all too much to mess around with to get to work and were returned to euro's
  10. LR5V

    GTI Upgrades

    The more I find out about my Lupo the more paranoid I am! When I took off the oil to water cooler off to piant the block there was some weird residue under the beige plastic insert. And in its first service with me I flushed the engine - it made a bit difference for the better, free-er reving and quieter engine I strongly suspect there is some gunk in the sump
  11. VW want £100 a side for complete tie rods - How can they justify charging so much? I thought I had found a way of getting pukker quality items for £25 a side The tie rod I removed form my Gti is 324mm long - this is assuming it is Gti one - can anyone confirm bare length of inner tie rod? Looking at the part it is marked TRW, so scurried off to their E-catalogue Under Lupo Gti it lists 2 sizes, delighted to find JAR546 had the length corresponded with mine: Ordered a pair of genuine TRW inner tie rods, £36 - meaning a pair of complete tie rods for around £50 is great. when they arrived the first thing I did was measure them, still in the plastic bag they were 312mm long - so no good I am going to look into this a bit more, currently the 2 people in technical support at TRW are on leave, will try calling in a few weeks. maybe they can find something with the same thread sizes at close to the correct length.
  12. LR5V

    GTI Upgrades

    Was taking a bit of a break + weather has not been on my side. Today I visited a couple of scrap yards, for once I was organised, made a list before leaving - but made the list in a rush and forgot one item... Picked up a replacement rear ABS sensor connector - it just would not un-clip so I ended up mangling the clip, replacement sourced form Mk4 Hopefully when these are installed, numpties carving me up will get a good blast form these A3 High Lows. Going to keep the current clown like horn for MOT. Need to make up a relay to power the horns - at least it is close to the engine fuse board! Engine loom nearly re-installed, waiting on Ebay alternator bracket - I need one short bolt to install the new bracket - this is what I forgot at the yards! Holding off installing the inlet manifold until the drive shafts, subframe with rack is installed Speaking of sub frame its entirely built and torqued up, hoping to get some help tomorrow to get this and the rear beam back into the Lupo. I have decided to not re-new my inner tie rods - old ones were OK, no noticeable play, just a bit floppy. VW want £100 a side for complete tie rods - I thought I had though I had found a cheap fix, but the TRW web site lied to me. I am going to hold off putting the front end & exhaust back on until I have dropped the sump. Some male chicken sucker over tightened the sump plug, going to helicoil that, clean out the oil pick up and sump.
  13. Flat blade screw driver - gently pry the black prongs off the metal if the selector cable or like Rich says carb or brake cleaner to get rid of the gum holding it in place - is it copper grease?
  14. LR5V

    Front badge replacement

    Yes- daft money over £30

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