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  1. GTI Upgrades

    Hi Nacho - The manifold was on the Lupo when I got it - yes those dbilas manifolds are very expensive. the previous owner said that it wasnt built that well & he had to do a lot of work tidying it internally + port match. He even had the dbilas remote air filter - this kept blocking so he swapped it for the cone. For the price you are a few hundred away from bike throttle bodies, a manifold & stand alone management. I have not looked, but I assume it is just the standard throttle body, but with all those bends removed. its still on remapped OEM ECU Gearbox is back, unfortunately the speed sensor was destroyed on the trip down, so need to get another - cant seem to find a part number online -I am hoping these may be easy to find in a scrap yard? This where some of the weight was lost in the fly wheel: Hard to see, but the pressure plate ihas also been ablenced to the fylwheel: Quaife stuff & my old diff back:
  2. To Polybush or not to Polybush

    The price difference is irreverent - as poly bushes in general last longer than OEM rubber, take less time to install and (if you believe it or not) improve handling. They do not transmit noise into the car and the refreshed steering feel you will get with new rubber bushes is what you get with polys - but that exact feeling lasts a whole lot longer.
  3. Gti Drive Shaft Dimensions

    Thanks for the offer - I am not stuck, these are spare drive shafts I was stripping for powder coating
  4. Gti Drive Shaft Dimensions

    Thanks Rich - Think it may be - do they have part number stamped on them? Edit - just can a angle grinder wire brush over it - no number
  5. Gti Drive Shaft Dimensions

    wouldn't be a great gave, one was nearly slice in 2!
  6. Gti Drive Shaft Dimensions

    Well I dug up the bare drive shaft list on CGTI it says Lupo GTI Short shaft: 430.5mm Long shaft: 656mm My long one is bob on short is about 10mm longer at 440??? drive shaft lengths didnt change from 5 to 6 speed - the 6 was an"extended" 5 speed was it not?
  7. I got a pair of Gti drive shafts that I have been stripping down to get powder coated. I got the hubs as well, turned out that non gti ball joint had been fitted on the nearside side and the (shot) drive shaft had been hammering into the Gbox cup. The short drive shaft outer CV would not come off, ended up doing this: Revenge is sweet, however trying to find out why it was refusing to come off the only thing I could see was a difference in drive grooves: LH one is 5mm shorter than the long shaft on the right Lengths of bare shafts are: Short 440mm & Long 655mm Got a horrible feeling the short is not Gti one.
  8. double post
  9. GTI Upgrades

    But the bumper stays on the golfs! - Thanks I will do it your way when the day comes. Yeah - I have a bad habit of getting a pairs of used hubs to rebuild ready for the day they get swapped out, I have in my collection M3 Mk & some LCR hubs to go onto my Mk4
  10. GTI Upgrades

    Thanks for the replies When it comes to gearbox's I wouldn't trust myself with anything more taxing than a clutch change! I sent it off to a VW gearbox specialist, unfortunately he is all the way down in South Wales. He is well known in the VW community, does dog boxes, sequential all sorts. I believe he does so many diffs he must get discount, for mine he beat Awesome & Darkside price wise by a good margin. he actually mills off the crown wheel rivets of the existing diff and bolts it onto the Quaife. I am getting my old diff back. He did an over the phone un-boxing, he has not done one of these before, made some interesting noises and said it was good that they provided the shim. Bolts are genuine VW Verbus 12.9 - I asked for ARP, but suspect they would have been over kill
  11. GTI Upgrades

    Rich - Actually I'm up the coast from you in Edinburgh, but the Lupo was from your neck of the woods cj1 - Yes I am eager to see the difference it makes to the handling. But this will be delayed my control arm bushes need replacing, so no point just swapping the box, it will have to wait to be done with rebuilt hubs, rebuilt control arms & rebuilt drive shafts. Oh and my radiator weeps, rather than fitting another massive VR6 rad I am going to fit a smaller alloy rad and in the liberated space fit an oil cooler -plus shed some weight with AC delete Question - Does the Lupo front end come off in one lump - i.e. lights / bumper / slam panel all together - like on Golfs??
  12. GTI Upgrades

    Gearbox rebuilt. Flywheel was 6.4kg Refaced New pins and slimfast money shot: Quaife
  13. Auto lights

    It was a bit of a tongue in cheek post, I understand the app is to give the car homecoming lights (or whatever twee term its got), lights stay on for a set amount of time after you stop. And to control how sensitive the lights are to the dark + how much delay before they come on.
  14. Auto lights

    This one is cheaper & has an app! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AUTO-Headlight-Switch-Sensor-Module-Bluetooth-For-VW-Golf-MK4-Jetta-4-Passat-B5/152951996055?fits=Car+Make%3AVW|Model%3AGolf|Plat_Gen%3AMK+IV&hash=item239ca63e97:g:dr4AAOSwnBJasMFt
  15. To Polybush or not to Polybush

    I'll provide the car, you are welcome to source stig & track