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  1. GTI oil separator removal

    if it is the hose coming up at the rear left side, it is in 2 sections and can be split at what I assumed is a heater element mid way - mine has been replaced with a catch can Should only be mayonnaise gunge in there
  2. GTI Inner CV - Same as Polo Mk4/5?

    Yes I will be dropping the box, it will be getting swapped over when my recently sourced spare 6 speed gets rebuilt with diff. I also sourced hubs and drive shafts too - going to rebuild them, was looking at sourcing joint .- I have had my share of moly CV grease under the finger nails, it is not something I am looking forward to. These will go in with
  3. Help arosa sdi (wheel bearing) noise

    Glad to hear it - good price & I suspect there is no one better with VAG boxes in the UK, going to send mine for quaife and rebuild If you want to help your engine rev, send him your fly wheel for lightening at the same time - he will even balance your pressure plate on the flywheel too!
  4. GTI Inner CV - Same as Polo Mk4/5?

    Thanks Rich - but those are very cheap and tempting
  5. Help arosa sdi (wheel bearing) noise

    Yes - gearbox rebuild - Gas N Gears in South Wales on facebook https://www.facebook.com/gasngears/ The guy is a VW legend. But he expects the box out of the car.
  6. Evening all - I think I read some wise words somewhere that Polo Mk4/5 inner CV is the same as Gti, did I dream this or is it true? If so, does this part work? J&R Polo inner CV on ebay
  7. Good Lupo deal on gumtree right now

    I hadn't sold anything on gumtree for a while - seems to me they have changed the mark as sold option or they have hidden it very well Suspect the seller couldn't find the sold option and have just deleted the add
  8. New to the family

    Use a smart phone to scan Bluetooth or WiFi OBD readers can be had next day from Amazon - dependant on what smart phone you use will dictate what type + what software to use Android - bluetooth & Torque app iPhone - WiFi & OBD car doctor app
  9. Problems with full length sunroof.

    If you get a new mechanism - the Stevens one or another -it wont matter how you get into your old roof your current mechanism is toast, as long as your good canvas is kept good (still assuming it is possible) to swap over. Personally, I think it is too tight time wise to get another roof for Friday, just chuck your old one back on and duct tape the edges - don't bother putting the roof lining in. this buys you some time to think and research. Not entirely sure why you need the roof entirely fixed just now in February?
  10. Problems with full length sunroof.

    You are really just buying a working drive. I'm no expert, but could you swap over your current canvas with the torn one when the weather is better? I have bought from Stevens in the past, they are not cheapest, but the mk3 door I got from them years ago was wrapped very well and I seem to recall they dispatch quickly. If this is not this you need to chuck the current roof back on for Friday.
  11. Front and rear bearings design are same as Mk4 Golf -Lots of You tube films out there I have my own cheap hydraulic press but this requires the hub removed form the car. There is a Wheel bearing removal tool that can remove and install the bearing with the hub on the car maintaining alignment. -sell the tool on after using
  12. Vw lupo roof bars

    He could be the tour manager for the Prog rock group
  13. Budweg brake service parts list - and Google the part number