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  1. Couple of Q's from a New Lupo Owner

    Thanks again Rich - Yes I had read those were.. er ..troublesome
  2. Couple of Q's from a New Lupo Owner

    OK, thanks - but I mucked up, its actually the side lights that are not flush - thought they were the fogs - same fix?
  3. Couple of Q's from a New Lupo Owner

    Thanks for the reply fella - I take it the lower valence is the entire bumper on the Gti?
  4. Hello I am new to the Lupo and the forum - but not new to VAG, I only got my Gti a couple of weeks ago, loving the small block experience. I have already fixed the dropped ash tray but left wondering and need advice on two issues I have: One of the problems is the passenger side window mechanism ate itself on the second day of ownership, I got to say whoever designed this set up must have been having an off day, its not the best engineering I have seen from VW. A £12 ebay repair kit sorted the cable, but the lifter clips that came with it ended up being total excrement. Are there genuine kits with just the lifters? - I am making a trip to TPS next week or is there any other known good source for these lifter clips? The other question is the fog lights - is it normal for the bottoms to not be flush with the bumper at the bottom?