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  1. on top EGR valve I have, on bottom EGR and engine im told i have by parts dealer one seat parts center didnt even realise that there was two egr valves on his diagram
  2. could someone please run through with me what the difference is between the engine codes on the 999 mpi, such as AER, ALD, ALL, ANV, ATE, AUC. Only the AUC as I believe had an electric controlled EGR valve. I have an 04 arosa with engine code AUC trying to obtain parts is not as easy as i thought as talking to vag parts dealer is like talking to brick wall. I need a gasket for the EGR which on my vehicle and other AUC engines including the polos are water cooled, not according to VAG whom have produce a diagram of an engine different to mine and are certain ive had an engine swap. on their diag the throttle body is on the side whilst on mine and other arosas the throttle body is in the middle of the engine at the back. I have given the part number of 030131503f which is printed on the EGR on my car, a simple internet search brings the correct EGR up and even ECP can identify the correct EGR for my car but not 3 VW parts dealers. its nearly broke into an argument with one !! Where could I buy the gaskets for the EGR as a separate item as mine is letting coolant out, plan b is to use a sealant or gasket material until I can decide to blank it off! any help would be appreciated