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  1. Sammyc

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    Hi all, I've finally got a lupo which I wanted for years! Picked one up yesterday, is a silver 1.4 tdi sport with 96,000 miles with one owner for new. Drove it back from Northampton and noticed a couple little bits that need sorting, or I want to sort should I say. The engine / water temp gauge doesn't move. Just been looking on the forum and doesn't seem too much of hassle to change then sensor. The wiper stalk doesn't seem to stay in the up position to get the wipers on full, they work when the stalk is held up so just going to order one and change that. The body work isn't too bad but could do with a bit of a tidy so as and when funds allow bit will be cleaned up on it, there is a couple rust bubbles on the drivers front wing so if there is a silver wing going anywhere please let me know. Sam

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