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  1. Grearknob and gaiter

    Hi, I'm after a 6 speed grearknob and gaiter, preferably new 😁 or good condition. 5 speed as well as I think these are change able? Any available? Posted to IRL. Thanks
  2. 2 x black lupo gti breaking for parts

    Hi, 6 speed grearknob and gaiter available? Condition, pics? How much posted to IRL? Thanks
  3. LUPO gti breaking x2 reflex silver

    hi, grearknob and gaiter available? Any pics? Condition, price posted to IRL? Thanks 5/6 speed?
  4. 2001 lupo gti breaking

    hi, grearknob and gaiter available? Condition and price posted to IRL? Pics? Thanks