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  1. JasperIrl

    Grearknob and gaitor

    As title says,looking for grearknob and gaitor alternatives that fit, like a golf gti mk6? Anyone change there's to something similar or know if the golf gti mk6/7 fit? Thanks
  2. JasperIrl

    Polished Exhaust Tips and re-centering on Lupo GTI

    Mine are a little off centre as well, must just be the way it is. I'd also like to know if anyone has changed tips/tidied old ones
  3. JasperIrl

    To Polybush or not to Polybush

    I decided to go with oem in the end. Will come back with an opinion when fitted. Personally, I didn't want to make the car any louder inside or to stiff. Also fitting a new rear arb and 30mm lowering springs so will let you's know. Thanks for the opinions, info! ?oh and the massive price difference didn't help ?
  4. JasperIrl

    To Polybush or not to Polybush

    Should I polybush or just replace with OEM? Its a road car with some spirited driving! all opinions welcome
  5. JasperIrl

    Auto lights

    Gone a bit off topic....? It's the coming home lights feature I like as well,auto lights is just a bonus! And the knob is nicer than standard...?
  6. JasperIrl

    Auto lights

    Thanks mattatosa, Will update when fitted ? You on commission ?
  7. JasperIrl

    Auto lights

    Cheers mattarosa ?, it doesn't seem to mention coming home lights in the add? Unlocking car turns on headlights etc...does yours do this?
  8. JasperIrl

    Auto lights

    Hi, Anyone know where I can get automatic lights for my Lupo? I've seen the kits on eBay, switch, module and light sensor but I want to know if they are compatible and if anyone has installed them? Any help is appreciated ?
  9. JasperIrl


    This is just my 2 cents but open to correction..... Yes you can BUT... What mods have you got....cams, tb, supercharger, turbo....if its a standard n/a then whats the point unless you have whats mentioned?? Remapping n/a cars that are standard, i doubt you'll see any difference.
  10. JasperIrl

    Anti Roll Bar ARB

    Thanks lads, can get polybush ordered now for front ARB
  11. JasperIrl

    Anti Roll Bar ARB

    Hi lads, Quick question, what size is a standard Lupo GTI front ARB? 18mm, 20mm??? Also, does it come standard with a rear ARB as I'm looking at ordering one? Any info appreciated, thanks
  12. JasperIrl

    Lupo sport breaking

    6 speed grearknob and gaiter?? Condition?
  13. JasperIrl

    Grearknob and gaiter

    Cool, can u send me pics, price to IRL delivered?? shanekennedy1@yahoo.ie or wattsapp +3530879340697
  14. JasperIrl

    Lupo gti black and silver

    Hi, looking for 6 speed grearknob and gaitor? Price and condition posted to IRL? Cheers
  15. JasperIrl

    Grearknob and gaiter


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