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  1. Jim Naismith

    Clutch adjustment

    Pedal box.? sorry I'm not Mechanical savvy. Would this mean a replacement. ?
  2. Jim Naismith

    No Heater

    Thanks for the help. got the heater sorted. It was the resister.
  3. Jim Naismith

    Clutch adjustment

    Hi, i have an issue with my Lupo 2002 3 door hatchback. It crunches when selecting reverse gear, and is a bit stiff with all other gears. can i adjust the pedal.? It seems a bit lower than the brake pedal. I don't want to start doing any big jobs at the moment, I.E. clutch change, Gear box Ect'. Thanks for any advice. Jim.
  4. Jim Naismith

    No Heater

    Hi all new to this great wee site. I'm a bit stumped, I have a VW Lupo 2002. Great wee car and I'm trying to work on it myself. Just past its M.O.T. again and as soon as that passed, my heater went on the blink. ( it was only working on the number 4 speed.) I've checked fuses, all seem to be alright and, fitted a new resister. I've just ordered a control switch do you think this is what it is likely to be?? Thanks for any help.

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