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  1. Kirst16v

    Car Wrapping?!

    I'll just wrap it then ?
  2. Kirst16v

    Steering wheels

    Brilliant, guessed as much
  3. Kirst16v

    Steering wheels

    Hi guys. Curious about steering wheels currently have a 280mm momo one thinking of putting a standard lupo one onto my arosa. Will it fit easy enough? Pics below to show current and which one I'm thinking of putting on thanks
  4. Kirst16v

    Club Lupo Keyrings...

    A green one would be sweet thanks tom. Whats all the details and when can you get it out to Me? Thanks
  5. Kirst16v

    Car Wrapping?!

    Not terribly great photos but lacquer peeled roof and rear quarter
  6. Kirst16v

    Club Lupo Keyrings...

    @T3LLIOTTStill doing these? Thanks
  7. Kirst16v

    Car Wrapping?!

    Thanks for the quickest reply known to man rich! However the lacquer peel is EVERYWHERE! So I cant just change panels & I think a full respray will be ££££ so stuff that! I will have to take pics of the full car tomorrow to show just how BAD it was treated
  8. Kirst16v

    Car Wrapping?!

    First Post: Ok so I've got a Seat Arosa 1.4 16v in YELLOW! I wouldn't be bothered if it weren't for the last owner treating the bodywork terribly! Lacquer peel EVERYWHERE So I've decided its best to wrap it & not trust myself to attempt a DIY spray job Anyone know of a decent place close to Walsall, West Midlands. If its a decent place I dont mind travelling there Thanks guys

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