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  1. Hi, am I right in thinking that black heated leathers out of a lupo came in either standard or GTi spec (with the bigger bolsters)? If so, what are these? Thanks
  2. brownah

    Definitive Coilover Thread

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking about getting some kw v1 coilovers. They're coming off a lupo sport, is there any way to tell if they will fit my GTi? And is there any way to tell if they are inox-line ones as he doesn't have a box or documentation. Thanks
  3. brownah

    2001 lupo gti breaking

    Sent you a text re kw coilovers
  4. brownah

    Eibach Lowering Springs Lupo Gti

    Hi mate, Hi mate. I've sent you a PM
  5. brownah

    Tombstones in lupo

    How difficult is this to do? Is it just a case of wiring power to the seats?
  6. brownah

    Tombstones in lupo

    Thanks for the replies guys. Will need to track down some manual seats
  7. Hi guys, Been itching to out in some tombstones in my car and have tried to read as much as I can about how to do this. Wanted to ask a few questions before I begin gathering what I need. 1) I wanted to fit 944 seats, but they all seem electric - so what seat adjustment functions should I expect to lose if I just bolt them in and don't bother with the electrics. 2) if I weld the seats to lupo subframes, do I lose the pop up function of the original seat that allows someone to easily get in the back? Is it possible to put in tombstones and retain the pop up function? Pic below of the kind of seats I really want! Thanks in advance!
  8. brownah

    Indicator stalk question

    Thanks rich. PM me address for medal
  9. brownah

    Indicator stalk question

    Hi guys, My indicator stalk has gone on my lupo GTi 2003. I was about to buy a new one but I've read on an eBay advert that there's two variants? (One of them has "two wires and 4 pins") Any idea which one I need? And also, is there a nice guide on replacing the whole stalk unit. I've only come across the guide that shows how to take it all apart and clean the contacts. I get easily confused lol Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks for this reply. I've taken the inner handle off now! Any advise on how to remove the metal handle/hinge portion so I can work on the plastics? Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone. Was searching for something on the forum re removing the inner handle from the doorcard but can't find any advice.... I know how to clip off the cover to reveal the screws and have taken off the doorcard but don't know how to separate all the inner pull handle from the door card. Want to refurb all the scratched stuff. Thanks!
  12. brownah

    MFD install questions

    Yeah I have my eye on the original VW MFD units that come in MK4 golfs I believe? I've seen a few MFD units fitted to lupos on here but they're quite old posts so photobucket images don't work and vwnavi links are dead... Thanks! I've always loved these motors so the smile is definitely painted on my face right now!
  13. Hi all, I just bought a lupo GTi yesterday in Raven blue! Love the car! As my first upgrade on the car, I wanted to do the MFD install. I've been trying to read up about it as much as I can but please bear with me if I'm asking some questions with obvious answers. (vwnavi has been down for maintenance for a few days so I can't get much info there) So, here come some questions...if anyone can help I'd really appreciate it. 1) is there a specific model required, do D and G models work? I'm looking at buy one with the following model number (3B0035191d) will that work? 2) I don't plan on using the sat nav at all. Do I still need the plug and play loom? Where can I get one nowadays? Any wiring diagrams I can use to splice the correct wires together if I can't find this plug and play kit? 3) what I want to do is get some sort of video in working on the unit. I've read about a dietz1212 adapter? Is this what I need and are there any alternatives (it's quite old I know). 4) will I be able to get a 3.5mm aux in or will I need the plug and play adapter? 5) does it slot straight in? As far as I know it does but it's a bit tight for space behind the dash. Can somebody confirm this? 6) I've also read about 'CAN-BUS' issues where the unit switches off after 59mins. This doesn't apply to the MFD I hope? Thanks and I hope to post a few pics of my car on the weekend. This would be a super project for me if somebody could help out!