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  1. sintoni

    arosa mid (or hi) fi

    many thanks mates. today i got the only missing item (a 6-channels rca cable), thus i can go on with the car.
  2. sintoni

    arosa mid (or hi) fi

    TY. I'll drive the car for a couple of days with the door cards installed, just to keep track of the stiffness. Then, I'll go on with vibration damping; at last, I'm gonna change the dashboard and wire everything. Really happy with the result till now: neither the speakers' magnets do not interfere with anything, nor the door cards themselves. There's a close gap between them and the seats).
  3. sintoni

    arosa mid (or hi) fi

    this is the "fine adjustement"
  4. sintoni

    arosa mid (or hi) fi

    some fine adjustment to do, but the final result is very close to the pics
  5. sintoni

    arosa mid (or hi) fi

    the left door card is back home! the job is what i was looking for.
  6. sintoni

    arosa mid (or hi) fi

    hmmm, the last thing seems to be finished
  7. sintoni

    arosa mid (or hi) fi

    1.4 sport, the engine is stock but i plan to do something
  8. sintoni

    arosa mid (or hi) fi

    the pods are ok. now working on right door card
  9. sintoni

    arosa mid (or hi) fi

    the last job: building the right door card
  10. sintoni

    arosa mid (or hi) fi

    ty. I decided to pay some money to a real pro to have the door cards wrapped, because I'd like to have a good final result. same for the pods, I had them sprayed by a pro.
  11. sintoni

    Head unit/sound upgrade

    Really happy with Kenwood KDC-5100BT: it has time correction, BT, USB, AUX, FLAC reading. Cheap enough, it has a minimal design. Take a look here: http://www.kenwood-electronics.co.uk/car/rec/bluetooth/KDC-X5100BT/
  12. sintoni

    arosa mid (or hi) fi

    Mounted everything on the standard door card: I had to use some fiberglass (over acoustic carpet) to close the gap (the door cards are not plain). BTW, the left pod is about to be carpeted in black leather by a pro. Meanwhile, the pods for midranges and tweeters (and the one for two gauges) are about to be sprayed.
  13. sintoni

    arosa mid (or hi) fi

    Some grills to prevent the loudspeakers to be kicked...

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