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  1. has anybody had they're lupo seats recovered... I'm thinking of having them covered in leather, wondering how much roughly it will cost.

  2. Karlos Smith

    Steering wheels

    Heya..im looking to do a swap from standard to momo lol..
  3. I've lowered my Lupo 40mm all around today.. however ive noticed since that the car veers to the left when my steering wheel is centre? 


    Can anybody help on what I can do?

    & why has this happend?


  4. Has anybody got a Front bumper in red for my 1.4 lupo they'd like to sell? Ill happily come collect asap.


    Text me on 07498855086

  5. So I've got my 1.4 lupo & also managed to get myself a set of 13" bbs alloys the day after i bought my car. Im awaiting on tyres for my wheels but can someone tell me whats a good recommendation for lowering my car shall i go 60 or 40?

  6. Karlos Smith

    lowering springs 60mm

    I don't have any advice for this sorry, however when you was running 40mm did you get any rubbing? I'm loving the 15" wheel with 40mm rear & 60mm front lowering springs..but not sure if they will rub?
  7. Karlos Smith

    Wheel Issues

    I'm looking into getting my first VW Lupo 1.4 I been looking around and wheels & found a pair that I think will look amazing (shown in picture), They are 15" 8J 4x100, will I need to roll the arches to allow for these wheels? also looking to fit lowering springs, 60mm on the front and 40mm on the rear as they come in that set, are they easy to fit or am I better off going to a garage?

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