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  1. Wondering if anyone else has any experience with swapping out the original Lupo steering wheel with a golf one. Is it as simple as taking the current one off, and putting a golf one on? Or are there any hacks that need to be in place for this to be feasible? Any information will be helpful!!
  2. Problems starting - When Warm?

    @Rich @mk2 Hi guys, I was talking to a guy over the weekend and he said he had the same problem I'm having but with a 2003 Bora. He said that the error light was coming up and he replaced the sensor multiple times, until he realized there were 2 of the same sensor. One near the radiator and one at the back of the engine. Do you think this could be the same case with my Lupo?
  3. Problems starting - When Warm?

    Thanks guys Will update you when I get this fitted
  4. Anyone got any ideas why my Lupo GTi doesn't always start when the engine is warm? I've taken this to a couple of garages now, but non of them have even been able to replicate the fault, let alone fix it! An example I give them is I leave my house, and go to the petrol station (10 minute drive) ignition off, key out, leave it a couple of minutes while I fill up, go to start it again then it wont start (see attached video and try to ignore the beeping). After leaving the ignition off for 5-10 minutes then try and start the car, it'll work. The check engine light is on, the fault is apparently the engine temp sensor. However this has been replaced with an OEM part and all wiring has been check with nothing unusual to show. Any suggestions would be appreciated! 20180206_171553.mp4
  5. Bilstein Lowering Suspension Lupo GTi

    After the auction had been listed, I was unable to add delivery as an option (hence the difficulty). As there was already a bid on the auction, it would've been unfair on them to have lost, and bad rating on eBay isn't what I want.
  6. Bilstein Lowering Suspension Lupo GTi

    Postage is at sellers discretion I'm aware of the eBay fees It's up for bid, that's how I wish to sell them... If you're interested, then place a bid, if not that's you're choice
  7. Bilstein Lowering Suspension Lupo GTi

    Item has been re-listed due to the winner of the auction not responding, and I need these gone! I've updated the link at the top of this post, delivery has been taken into account... Let me know if you need any further information
  8. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F142681924548 Bilstein Suspension for a VW Lupo GTi. Removed from car in fully working order, all in very good condition (see photos on eBay listing). Only replaced due to coilover upgrade. Unsure of exact lowering height, but I would estimate 30-40mm lower than standard. Needs new rubber bushes replacing on the rear (could use existing ones on you're own car) Please let me know if you require any further information or images regarding this listing.
  9. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    I recon if you ask any body shop they will do it. I went to one that was local to me in Rugeley, Staffordshire, and they charged £90 as I mentioned. Definitely worth doing, as they pointed out I had a missing boot seal too which I wouldn't have noticed otherwise.
  10. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    Hi mate, I bought my Lupo GTi from Locate a Car, Lichfield. They pretty much only sell Japanese imports! As mentioned above, you'll need to look at protection for the underbelly as the salt from the roads will start to corrode it quick. I had mine done it cost £90 so just budget that into your search, especially this time of year! *edit* as an added point, as the car will have only been registered to one person (the importer) the history will only show 1 previous owner, bonus on resale. But, please be aware that the Japanese like to fiddle with wiring a lot, this was noticeable for me when switching out the head unit... something to bare in mind!
  11. Lupo Gti - Janspeed or Custom exhaust?

    Nout wrong with the OEM one on there at the moment, just want a sportier sound. And the fact it'll last longer that the current one.
  12. Lupo Gti - Janspeed or Custom exhaust?

    Just making sure that's standard, don't what an extra box if others don't, as they sound class from what I've heard. Wouldn't mind the tips being a tad bigget, fill the gap
  13. Lupo Gti - Janspeed or Custom exhaust?

    Could someone who has a Janspeed exhaust let me know if they have just the rear silencer or 2 like in the picture link below:
  14. Lupo Gti - Janspeed or Custom exhaust?

    How are you guys getting them so cheap 😂😂 how long ago was that? Haha
  15. Lupo Gti - Janspeed or Custom exhaust?

    Depends how much you'd be willing to to pay for the exhaust 👍