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  1. Anyone picked up this months evo magazine?

    Great job Guys! Really comprehensive and well thought out
  2. Lupo Alarm and Lights

    Apologies for not being more on the ball! I've ordered one up...
  3. Lupo Alarm and Lights

    Thank you Rich, Very helpful...
  4. Lupo Alarm and Lights

    Hi Rich, Thanks for the reply, much appreciated!... "door switch" as answer to security, lights on or both? I note the interior light is switched by a door switch, so not quite sure which one you mean? Thanks for taking the trouble.
  5. Lupo Alarm and Lights

    Hi Lupists, I've noted that the security light on the drivers door does not does not flash when the car is locked, and so I have tried rocking the vehicle which is not setting off an alarm. Any experience around faults here? Also (as it's unclear from the book), is there meant to be a "lights left on" warning if you try to leave the car without turning them off... I ask as I have run down the battery twice with not noting the dash lights were on in the early evening... If there is not one factory fitted (which would seem strange for VW in 2005), has anyone got experience of retro-fitting a lights left on module? Thanks for reading!
  6. Lupo GTI, Engine cover "GTI" emblem

    Hi All, An update on the "GTI" emblem on the engine cover... Pete, apologies for the delay in sending a pic, it's attached, and Rich you are right, the part appears identical to the boot emblem in size, look and spacing, so I've put one on order to keep the car as original as possible. I took the car to James, a VW specialist at VDS Performance yesterday, and he is amazed how clean and corrosion free it is across the underside, so that backs the advice from you guys that Japanese imports are worth it. He also commented that the engine is the quietest and most smooth 1600 lump he has had pass through the garage so fingers crossed things will stay that way. There are a few minor issues, but hey the car is 12 years old! Rear shocks are suspect, causing uneven wear on the rear tyres, which creates a drone sound when on smooth roads (one to note in case it happens to you!). There are some bushes which look tired, and the N/S CVJ gaiter is split, so a bit to spend but it could be so much worse! There are a few other cosmetic issues which I will enjoy finding solutions to and I'll get new tyres once the shocks are replaced... I guess there will be more posts to sort minor issues, but I can at last say I am delighted with the car that Club Lupo helped me buy, and thanks for your support to find a good one
  7. Lupo GTI, Engine cover "GTI" emblem

    Thanks for the replies... Wow lupogtiboy, I see what you mean by expensive!
  8. Lupo GTI, Engine cover "GTI" emblem

    I guess it's possible that the tail GTI logo and the engine cover logo are identical?
  9. Lupo GTI, Engine cover "GTI" emblem

    Hi Pete, It's really pouring down out there, but I'll get a pic to you asap... Thanks for asking. Strange as both with cracking chrome have been jap imports but that's where the similarity ends. Weird!
  10. Hi Blue Loop,

    Sorry I missed your post at first in the raft of replies. My Lupo is a beautiful black jap import, 83,000 (would have liked less, but will only do 1K a year) and it is standard for a GTI apart I think from Air Con and privacy tint on the rear glass... (which I didn't even notice in the sunshine on the day of inspection!) Really tidy engine bay with no corrosion, and in general a decent inside. Gear stick gaiter, drivers floor mat and both door pulls are the let down, and I'm keen to replace with new, decent used or pattern parts. Thanks for asking about the car, I'll get some pics in when the rain eventually stops. 

  11. Lupo GTI, Engine cover "GTI" emblem

    That should read "reflecting" Doh!
  12. Hi, The chrome GTI letters on the engine cover of my LUPO are cracking, and I'd like to replace them. I understand in the past Lupoboz(Dale) has been able to help out? Would very much like to order a set up. Second, I have seen GTI's of different milages and ages with the problem and without. Does it point to anything more sinister, and can I prevent it in future with say rejecting foil or the like? Thanks for reading!
  13. GTI body changes

    Many thanks for the excellent replies.
  14. GTI body changes

    Hi All, I'm due to get a long wished for Lupo GTI in the next week (paperwork going through). I want to say what a great and unique source of information ClubLupo has been, and want to put a big thank you out there for what I have been able to learn from many amazing posts. It may have been posted before (and I think the info is mainly here spread across different topics) but it would be great to try and pin down in one place what is different (body parts wise) between the GTI and the other amazing Lupo's. My reasoning is that this information helps potential buyers avoid fakes or non spec repairs by using a simple magnet as well as eyes and brain power. Let me have a stab, and I'm sure I will be corrected... I understand a thinner stronger steel was used in the shell? I guess that shows in the chassis number? I believe the bonnet and door panels are aluminium. I know front and side glass is 3mm rather than 5mm and a different make (got the brilliant post on this subject, thank you!) I know the front wings are different, but I'm not sure whether it is thinner steel or aluminium as the material? Have I missed anything key? Thank you for reading!
  15. Breaker's please help! Lupo seat backs...

    Great idea 666DUB! Thanks for the reply!