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  1. Steve

    Hi Rencen, Can't help you with a PDF, but there are always Lupo Owner's handbook packs available on the British version of e-bay for between £12 and £18 (They cover all models up to GTI). They are obviously from decommissioned cars, so the service book can be thrown away. Again you can buy blank VW service books to put in the new pack to make it complete. I realise there is the problem of geography and postage for you, but perhaps you have friends in the UK? I also have a Jap import Lupo, and I think a full pack in English definitely adds value to the car.
  2. Dear Forum, Recently the drivers electric window stopped working reliably. Door card off, and cleaned contacts, but I noticed it will only open to ⅔'s down. Comes up fine from there... It might have been like that before I had the door panel off, but now definitely restricted movement. Anyone else had this? Thanks for looking!
  3. Need Help! Battery Drain!

    Hi Jed, Really pleased this is sorted, and you have let us know what the problem was, in case it happens to others... Happy motoring!
  4. Lupo GTI Instrument sounder

    Thanks Rich... New to PM so a little unsure, yes got it and replied... Safe journey!
  5. Options for GTI tyres

    Hi Chris, I'm not so sure about looks I have 195/45's from the time of purchase, and parked next door was another smart GTI with the 205/45's. I have to say I was really envious, as it really does add to the cheeky, chunky look... Will buy 205's when replacing as I want that look!
  6. Lupo GTI Instrument sounder

    Smart Rich! Did you get my PM?
  7. GTI Engine Emblem Restored!

    Hi, Thanks for the replies, yeah I would have preferred the 1.6 16V, but the "GTI" is true to the year of the car. Hi Chris, I'm just using the uploader at the foot of each text window. Drag files here to attach, or choose files...
  8. GTI Engine Emblem Restored!

    Hi fellow Lupists, Just changed the cracking crappy GTI emblem on the engine cover of a 2005 Lupo GTI, using a genuine VW boot emblem, which is a perfect fit! The alternative was spending over £300 on a new cover :o( My grateful thanks to Rich for his advice, which was golden!... Just to note I cut the old emblem off with dental floss to avoid scratches in the plastic from a scraper (good tip for general body emblems too!). I then removed the residue with "Label Remover" (CPC) and polished the black part of the cover with first paint restorer and then polish. I removed the silicon residue from the polish with mentholated spirits before attaching the self adhesive badge and then used dash restorer to seal the whole cover. I have to say, it looks like new (Picture attached). Oh, I have a spare original GTI Emblem if anyone has a similar problem? PM me and I'll send it to you gratis... As always thanks for being there!
  9. Lupo GTI Instrument sounder

    Hi Rich and hoddlewaddle, Many thanks for the replies. First off hoddlewaddle, been able to show it is not the (crappy designed) drivers door switch but thanks for suggesting! Hi Rich, how DO you know :O) And yes please to the challenge of making the change, very happy to pay postage if you let me know preferred method. Happy to be contacted off line if you prefer? Out of interest, will the Lupo take the Polo 6N2 door switch system without radical modification? Look out for the "Engine cover" topic coming today :O)
  10. Lupo GTI Boot Tools

    Hi Lupists, I have a 2005 GTI which I am restoring to factory spec. That's the no spare wheel version. Under the boot mat there is a foam carrier (photo attached) which indicates at least three tools. Please can I ask 1) what the tools should be, and 2) if anyone is currently breaking, can you help fill the spaces (For a price of course ;O) Thanks for your help!
  11. Lupo GTI Instrument sounder

    Dear Rich and Chris M, Thanks, yes I can confirm the sounder is on the back of the instrument cluster, same as the Polo at that time apparently. I have been able to rule out the (often naff) door switch as apparently the same contacts are used to set the security alarm and interior light which both work fine, but thanks for the tip! I guess the burning question is whether the sounder in this age of car is able to be separated from the instrument. Certainly you can't in new cars, and certainly you could in some older ones... It's just where the Lupo sits in the generation of the technology. Please may I ask, has someone achieved this? If not I'll take a punt on a Lupo or Polo 6N/6KV instrument, and give a go. Are there any out spares out there?
  12. Lupo GTI Instrument sounder

    Hi All, Please can you help with a tricky one. At the back of the Lupo speedo is a sounder that let's you know when the lights have been left on etc... Mine's bust, and it's a right pain! I don't want to replace the speedo itself with all that entails, do any members know whether you can take a working sounder from a donor speedo, and fit it to mine? If so, what are the likely cars that have compatible speedos so I can begin the hunt. As always, thanks for looking, and spending time supporting fellow Lupo nuts!
  13. Anyone picked up this months evo magazine?

    Great job Guys! Really comprehensive and well thought out
  14. Lupo Alarm and Lights

    Apologies for not being more on the ball! I've ordered one up...
  15. Lupo Alarm and Lights

    Thank you Rich, Very helpful...