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  1. Old Timer

    Lupo Drivers Window Motor

    Thanks Weslangdon, That sounds like great advice, and I should take it, but I'm determined to keep the car factory look and spec. Thank you for your thoughts.
  2. Old Timer

    Lupo Drivers Window Motor

    Thanks mk2, I'll do that before anything else.
  3. Old Timer

    Lupo Drivers Window Motor

    Cheers Rich, if you could help I would be very grateful!
  4. Old Timer

    Lupo Drivers Window Motor

    Hi folks, The driver's window on my 2005 Lupo GTI has chosen this heatwave to pack up. The switch is fine so I did a "phone a friend", and he tells me the window motor is part No. 6X0 959 801B priced at a mere £260 from VW! Anyone out there got any tricks to repair the motor or replace from another car? Any help would be much appreciated?
  5. Old Timer

    One for Rich!

    Hi Rich, Please can you read my PM to you? Thanks, and apologies for the public mail...
  6. Old Timer

    2002 GTI boot badge

    Sure thing...
  7. Old Timer

    Japanese LUPO GTI's

    That's great news, enjoy the car ;O) In passing (as well as taking the magnet), on a Brit car it's wise to check where the bottom rear of the aluminium front wing meets the steel inner. Worth getting that totally corrosion free for a long and happy life together.
  8. Old Timer

    2002 GTI boot badge

    Hi Chris M, I have this one (no red) if you want it?
  9. Old Timer

    Japanese LUPO GTI's

    Hi Grumpy, I agree with a lot of the points made, but have a couple to add. You must look for sun damage on a Jap import car. Faded seat cover and door card materials, gear knob decals and gaiter cracking and fading. Other then that they have been a good bet till now... However since buying my Jap import I have been to see a few other more recent ones (hoping for a lower milage example). I have concerns that the flow of decent Japanese Lupo GTI cars is drying up, and that in cases unscrupulous (or is that inscrutable?) exporters are being creative to continue to meet the ready UK demand. I saw a car in November that was "officially" registered as 33,000, but from wear and tear to all operating surfaces and door cards was around 100,000 miles higher than that (Also engine had masses of mayonnaise in the oil filler cap). I have seen the aluminium doors replaced with steel (so wrong glass too), and poor fit body panels denoting hasty covered over crash repairs. Bottom line is that you have to be as careful whatever car you choose. Don't believe that because it comes from Japan and has a high forecourt price from a trusted dealer that it is what it claims to be. Take a magnet to ensure the aluminium is where it should be, check the interior wear is in line with the claimed milage, and check the engine (starting from cold) runs smoothly and quietly. A road test is essential to check gearbox, steering and suspension, as well as whether the engine pulls smoothly through the range. I hope you don't mind me stating what some would see as obvious, but I think the golden age of "perfect" Jap GTI cars is over and we all need to get much more canny not to get caught out...
  10. Old Timer


    Hi Rencen, Can't help you with a PDF, but there are always Lupo Owner's handbook packs available on the British version of e-bay for between £12 and £18 (They cover all models up to GTI). They are obviously from decommissioned cars, so the service book can be thrown away. Again you can buy blank VW service books to put in the new pack to make it complete. I realise there is the problem of geography and postage for you, but perhaps you have friends in the UK? I also have a Jap import Lupo, and I think a full pack in English definitely adds value to the car.
  11. Dear Forum, Recently the drivers electric window stopped working reliably. Door card off, and cleaned contacts, but I noticed it will only open to ⅔'s down. Comes up fine from there... It might have been like that before I had the door panel off, but now definitely restricted movement. Anyone else had this? Thanks for looking!
  12. Old Timer

    Need Help! Battery Drain!

    Hi Jed, Really pleased this is sorted, and you have let us know what the problem was, in case it happens to others... Happy motoring!
  13. Old Timer

    Lupo GTI Instrument sounder

    Thanks Rich... New to PM so a little unsure, yes got it and replied... Safe journey!
  14. Old Timer

    Options for GTI tyres

    Hi Chris, I'm not so sure about looks I have 195/45's from the time of purchase, and parked next door was another smart GTI with the 205/45's. I have to say I was really envious, as it really does add to the cheeky, chunky look... Will buy 205's when replacing as I want that look!
  15. Old Timer

    Lupo GTI Instrument sounder

    Smart Rich! Did you get my PM?

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