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  1. Lupo GTI High Beam light

    Sorted all back to working order....it was the fuse 👌. Thanks lupogtiboy...not sure why I never thought of the fuse tbh hahaha.
  2. Lupo GTI High Beam light

    Nice one thanks. Managed to get it out easily with your instructions and have replaced it with a H3 but no light still, any ideas what could cause this? thanks.
  3. Lupo GTI High Beam light

    The light I am talking about is the one housed with the side light. Is that the one your talking of aswell? Sorry if I am being stupid here ha!
  4. Lupo GTI High Beam light

    Hey folks, not long got myself Lupo GTI and my high beam light on the drivers side has gone...had a look and it's not for budging....is it just as simple as pulling it out and switch it? Want to ask before I end up breaking somthing haha!