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  1. Georgi

    Missing cable

    Yep, this is my reserved spot on the driveway for the Lupo only. Nice to work on and easy to clean haha
  2. Georgi

    Missing cable

    I thought so. I got my O2 sensor and I think my old 1.4 was the sensor plug there. Well, the car drives well and the previous owner text saying he never had anything there so I think will be good. Thanks
  3. Georgi

    Missing cable

    Hi, I want to apologise if this was covered already but I don't have an idea what I am searching for so it's easy for me to ask you. Got my new Lupo a few days ago. It's 1.0 engine and so far is been spot on. However, I just start cleaning the engine bay today and spotted something missing. I can't remember what should be there from my 1.4 I just sold a few days ago. It will be really great if anyone can help or point to the relevant post on here or any useful information. Thanks
  4. Georgi

    Just saying Hi

    Hi, just wanted to stop and say Hi to everyone. Recently got myself Lupo 1.4 16V 2001 and as you can imagine it will come up with some issues. So far I got the first issue with alternator not charging but will see what else may turn up. I did own a VW Beetle 1974 many years ago and the restoration toke me over 1 year but in the end was amazing. Anyway, this in the past and after saying goodbye to my Golf 2 years ago I decide now to take my chance on Lupo. Hopefully, I will find some cool knowledge and advice here. Many thanks Georgi

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