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  1. 67Oilcats

    Lupo sport breaking

    Have you got the driver's seat belt assembly and if so is it black rather than grey?
  2. 67Oilcats

    Lupo tdi red breaking

    Have you got the clocks and heater controls?
  3. 67Oilcats

    Mk2 Arosa bits

    I've got a few wee bits lying around that came off the car that I've no use for. Set of G3 Wind Deflectors (no clips, but can be picked up fairly cheap) - £10 Debadged Grille - £15 Standard headlight switch - £10 Collect from Aberdeen or can post for a few quid extra.
  4. 67Oilcats

    Lupo clocks

    Is that for all ages of clocks or only the early ones?
  5. 67Oilcats

    Lupo clocks

    This has probably been asked before, but I can only find a how-to for putting GTI clocks in a 1.0 - so, how much of a ballache is it to put Lupo clocks into an Arosa? Are they coded to the ECU and need reprogrammed with Vagcom, or are they a straight swap? Cheers!
  6. 67Oilcats

    Tdi Breaking

    Do you have the drivers side wing mirror cover?
  7. 67Oilcats

    New from Aberdeen

    Hi, I'm Chris and I've posted a couple times, but wanted to introduce myself. I drive 2004 Arosa 1.0. It's got rust, the temp guage is goosed and it needs a drivers side mirror cap, however it's very much my daily work-and-back beater car as my wife has a 17 plate Audi A3, so it'll do the job admirably! Plans are to lower it and throw on some cheap wheels - maybe P-Slots or banded steels. Also install a Kill All Wipers rear wiper delete kit and Lupo headlight and heater switches.
  8. 67Oilcats

    Many parts.

    Perfect - will PM you in a bit!
  9. 67Oilcats

    Many parts.

    Hey, how much would you want for the headlight switch posted? Cheers
  10. 67Oilcats

    Mirror cover

    Will the wing mirror cover from a Mk4 Golf fit on a standard (non stubby) Lupo mirror or are they completely different?
  11. 67Oilcats

    Wanted Lupo gti steering wheel airbag

    One on eBay just now: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282568776524
  12. 67Oilcats

    Cambridge rears/Pop-outs

    Not sure what the going rate is for these - is that everything I'd need to fit them?
  13. 67Oilcats

    Tdi Breaking

    Are the three front grill sections and emblem available? If so how much posted?
  14. 67Oilcats

    Cambridge rears/Pop-outs

    Hi, first post, but I'm looking for a few bits for a car I'm picking up this weekend. I'm after a set of Cambridge rear lights with the clusters - don't want to pay top $ for brand new ones! Also after a set of pop-out rear windows and associated parts. I'm in Aberdeen, so things would probably need posted unless they're in Scotland. Thanks!