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  1. Just wondering where to do the Tweeters link to the mid's, is it at the mid in the door it's self (I know it's not at the ISO at the back of the stereo ) Going to replace the components with some JBL CS that I have hear but run off the original cable, obviously need to wire in my filters/crossovers. Looking to make it as easy as possible. Thanks
  2. Lupo tdi red breaking

    Price? Decat downpipe. Coilovers, what make are they and how old. Dab bee sting Ariel Cheers
  3. Members ICE install.

    Pioneer DEH X6500 DAB ( struggling with reception ) Kenwood KAC-9152D 900 wrms 2ohm Kicker Solo Baric 12" L7 1.6 cuft sealed poly filled. Still need to change the front components and sort out the radio reception. Capet the rear seats and sides.
  4. Rear Window Pop Out's

    So I would need the Rivet Nut Cap's, how do these fit in place without coming back out?
  5. Lupo tdi red breaking

    Where are you located?
  6. Remap TDi

    Is there any members local ish South Wales that have the cable and file to remap the TDi.
  7. My Arosa Mk2 has behind the rubber on the B pillar two holes but there is no thread, is there a spacial nut/retainer that fit's in there for pop out windows or is it the case I cannot fit them. Cheers
  8. New Member

    Newbie, Taken me ages to access the forum but looks like I'm hear. Recently got myself an Arosa 92k, family owned, full service history TDi. Completely stock for now, first thing is audio and that's almost finished. Pioneer DAB HU ( poor reception at the moment, working on it ) Kenwood KAC-9152d 900wrms amp, Kicker L7 12" Solo Baric subwoofer in a custom fitted box ( almost finished ) 1.6 cutf sealed. Stock components for now but have a set of JBL CS ready to fit. Lot's of other little bit's to do but nothing crazy.