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  1. payna

    VW Festival - 13/8/2017

    Lol, in all fairness I didn't come on and read a thing I just went straight for a new post... It wasn't till after I'd stuck it up I noticed the other thread! The offer still stands for anyone interested! ?
  2. payna

    VW Festival - 13/8/2017

    Morning all, ...So I've got a club stand booked for Sunday 13th August and have space available for two cars only. If you are interested let me know asap and I can get it arranged for you to display your car. first come, first serve. its a good show this one, and well worth a visit if you haven't been before. https://www.vwfestival.co.uk/ Cheers, Andrew.
  3. payna

    Silver!'s GTI

    Love it Ray, looks good stickered up!
  4. payna

    Silver!'s GTI

    I can't believe you've only just fitted them! - they must have been in your attic / Aladdin's cave for well over a year!
  5. Yeah very tidy, wish mine looked this good! I agree with the rich, body coloured mirror caps. I think some standard uk plates would be better too. very nice all the same
  6. payna

    Black GTI

    Cool idea! Good work ??
  7. payna

    Pete's Built-Not-Bought GTI(s)

    So nice to see this being resurrected! I started following your Instagram page and looking forward to seeing the finished article ??
  8. payna

    My second Lupo GTI, restoration

    Good good, not too bad ...I bet your neighbour is even more interested now! ? If you do the ring Jon - be sure to do a video!
  9. payna

    My second Lupo GTI, restoration

    I remember you talking about the merc, too much power etc! Makes me want to do an intercontinental jaunt thinking about all the mountain roads!
  10. payna

    Black GTI

    Very tidy! It's nice to see an original car, seldom seen these days. Enjoy it, you'll have a blast in the summertime! ?? Also, I've never seen a GTI with mudguards before, did you fit them?
  11. payna

    My second Lupo GTI, restoration

    Nice write up Jon! Is it staying over there and getting registered etc or just for a bit? itll be a hoot round the mountain roads in the summer time! So how long did the journey take? how much fuel did you use? ...I'm asking all the questions in one go cos I'm not in very often!
  12. payna

    Shabar's Lupo GTI

    Love these wheels on a GTI, really nice choice!
  13. Nice to see a white Lupo GTI. ...It sounds like the Lupo love has bitten too! Enjoy it!
  14. payna

    Club Lupo Keyrings...

    Thanks to house of logos for the key ring, very happy! Super quick delivery too!
  15. payna

    Club Lupo Keyrings...

    Right, I've just made a payment over the old *cough* iphone *cough* but It didn't have anywhere on the browser to send as gift unfortunately... Sorry! Thanks

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