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  1. Air filter

    That does seem like a better way to go
  2. Air filter

    Air box is back on with the pipe removed. I've looked at cones, but the diameter of the throttle body is smaller than most cone filters, so i doubt i will go an further with that.
  3. Air filter

    Well like i said, it sounds good
  4. Air filter

    This is my first post so go easy... So i've been running my 1.0 arosa without an air filter for the last week, mainly because i think it sounds great. But now i'm thinking about buying an aftermarket filter or putting the air box back on, because running with no filter is sketching me out. I've read that drilling holes in the air box, or removing the intake pipe from the wheel well to the box, will still sound good. Will this be easier/better than buying a cone filter?