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  1. Greengrass

    LCA Replacement

    Lifesaver Thanks James! Also i may do a thread on how to remove the driver side control arm as the oil pan is in the way (i have a left hand drive) and thought i was gonna have to life the engine or remove half of the car but figured it out YAY ME!
  2. Greengrass

    LCA Replacement

    Hi Guys my first post and cant find this anywhere so hope you can help. Replacing both lower control arms (front) tonight and cant find the Torque settings for control arm to cross member bolt & ball joint etc. any help / direction to a guide is much appreciated. Been all over google but keep coming up with same results for polos and MK4 golfs nothing specific to Lupo FYI I have a 1.4 16v 75hp (not sport) all is standard including boots (185/55/r14)