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  1. Hoping someone can help me, my front grill rattles as the clips are missing, passenger side underneath the headlamp where it meets the wing, anyone know where I can get some new ones as it's driving me mental....... 1.4 Lupo SE if that helps.
  2. Yes standard wheel
  3. Hi Guy's, Just bought my 1st Lupo, and 1st VW, my car is a 52plate, black 1.4 SE. It's been lowered on coilovers, and can honestly say it's jumped straight into the top 3 of fun cars to drive. Problem is have is the airbag light is on constantly, is there anywhere I should be checking 1st before taking it for diagnostics to find the problem. I'm a fairly confident diy mechanic and don't mind getting my hands dirty, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.