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  1. Engines that'll go in the 1.0 Lupo

    So the logical thing to do would be the AVY engine from the Lupo and Polo GTi? Had a look on eBay and prices don't seem to be too bad. The illogical thing is to turbo the 1.0, because the Gol in South America did that and somehow got 112hp? Is that the same engine, and how reliable were these?
  2. Engines that'll go in the 1.0 Lupo

    Did consider the 1.4 16v from the Sport, while one from the Lupo might be difficult to find, according to Wikipedia it had appeared in a few car? Is this the specific one that I'd be looking for? Was also considering the 1.0 TSi that appears in the up!, Polo and Golf among others, as they can be remapped to deliver good gains. Being a modern engine, I've no idea if it'd be more work to get going or not.
  3. Engines that'll go in the 1.0 Lupo

    I get the feeling that the internals might not hold up that well?
  4. Engines that'll go in the 1.0 Lupo

    That the 1.6 Lupo/Polo GTi engine?
  5. Engines that'll go in the 1.0 Lupo

    Ok, I already know what the first reply is going to be - don't bother just get a 1.4 or a GTi or something like that. That's not happening. I intend to work on my car and use this a base for a project. It's intended to be a long term thing as well, the car is going SORN and into storage soon so it's not going to be driven for a while. Intention is to work on it for a few years and then when insurance comes down for me on modified vehicles (19 and living in Manchester is a PITA) it'll be back on the road. I'm picking up a 2010 Toyota Aygo Blue on Tuesday as I needed something more economical and reliable. So, that's out of the way then - is there any engine that'll fit in a 2000 1.0 Lupo E with minimal (by engine swap standards anyway) faffing. Looking at something that'll leave me on a total of around 120hp at most, just enough so it's got a bit of punch on it. From what I've searched no engine will fit that bracket, so is it a case of all engines are going to be the same amount of work as long as they fit? Not doing the usual 1.8t swap before anyone asks.
  6. Wait there is some news about the Up! GT

    Just a heads up - Ordering should be open in December. That's what VW said on Facebook when I asked them anyway.
  7. Lupo picture thread

    Basic af 1.0 E, but it's miiinneee Also stock af because insurance.
  8. lupo tdi 2002 cheap tax tim tom interior

    Also pictures would be really appreciated.
  9. Autocar have bought a lupo for £320...

    This is quite an interesting read, especially as it's quite relevant to me as I'm getting closer to my driving test (a month and two days now), and I'll be buying one very soon after. If he hasn't ended up with a lemon for £320, this gives me a bit of hope as I'm despairing at the prices of TDis at this point, so if the petrol 1.4 isn't too shabby then it'll be good.
  10. Buying a Lupo fairly soon...

    Ugh Micras, I don't judge cars normally but it's one of the few cars that makes me go "Nope".
  11. Buying a Lupo fairly soon...

    Alright, thanks for that.
  12. Buying a Lupo fairly soon...

    The point about owning the car for a while beforehand makes sense, but I haven't really got anywhere to put the car, except on street, for the two months it would be SORN. Is it really a good idea to leave a car on street for two months, even if it is right outside my house?
  13. Buying a Lupo fairly soon...

    Thought it might have been emissions-related. The reason I'm not buying now and just sticking L-plates on it is - my parents do not drive or have licenses. So it would be sat there for at least two months before being used properly.
  14. Buying a Lupo fairly soon...

    Thanks for all the advice everyone Been looking over the insurance groups, road tax and MPG on Parkers (I'm sure people will be able to tell me if they are reliable or not) and it would seem that the 1.4 TDi is looking to be the best choice. Unsure why the 2000-early 2001 models cost 5x more in road tax than the March 2001- ones do, perhaps someone can shed some light on this? Insurance groups don't seem to be an issue on any car except the 1.4 Sport petrol and the GTi, the latter of which is well out of budget anyway. MPG seems excellent on the diesels which is as to be expected. Usage-wise, even though most of my travelling is likely to be within Manchester, I am likely to be on the motorway enough for this to be an important factor. I've also never driven a petrol car so it's an unknown quantity to me at this stage. So am I right in assuming that the Lupo 1.4 Sport TDi seems to be the best option? What is the next best, in the circumstances that I can't get one when I come to buy one in July?
  15. Buying a Lupo fairly soon...

    Hi, I'm Joe from Manchester, 19, probably going to have my license by mid-July. So naturally I'll be looking for a car that I can actually get insured on, so I've decided to get a Lupo. Won't be buying it until I've passed my test, but I'm looking for advice on buying. What's the best model of Lupo to buy? I'm looking for something that is sub-£750. Of course I can't get a GTi because of insurance and budget reasons. Also not buying an automatic.