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  1. epytec 1.8t

    Ok , I figured if anyone would have known about this kit it would have been you . I guess I'll have to order up , give it a try . Any recommendations for motor mount upgrades ? I don't want to live with massive cabin vibrations . So no old skool polyurethane .
  2. epytec 1.8t

    Anybody here ever use the epytec mount kit ? I assume its set up to run on stock mounts. Which may destroy stock mounts made for my 49hp Lupo... But could be worth the timesavings https://www.epytec.de/de/einschweissgewindehuelse-panhardstab-querlenker-einstellbar-2-rohre-11533
  3. Back on mk3 golf/Jetta (vento?), odometers would start reading at zero when clusters hit 300000kms . Do Lupos do a similar thing ? I've been looking on mobile.de and noticed not one car over 300k . Coincidence I suppose ? Or am I missing something ?
  4. Lupo 1.8T mounting style questions

    Actually I'm getting someone to look at a gti next week . And I'd run it stock . But gti's keep value so playing around with this 1.0L doesn't bother me . Also having more easily available parts on it makes future maintenance easier . Instead of waiting two months to get parts , two hours . Thanks for the help !
  5. Lupo 1.8T mounting style questions

    What do people typically use to convert to 5 lug and rear disc brakes ? The ft looks like some mk3 VR parts could be made to work with not huge hassle . My 1.0L has drums . Seems like most people switch rear beams to a gti model to get mounting tabs for rear caliper . I'm thinking my best bet might be to use mk3 disc rear stub axles ( which incorporate caliper mounting tabs). Any other suggestions? That don't involve shipping a gti beam across the Atlantic.
  6. 2001 1.0L LHD wiring diargram pdf? Or manual?

    Arrgghhh Haynes !!! Hate them ! Ill download a pdf . Thanks for the help ! Love driving this machine even as a 1.0L ! Reminds me a bit of old rabbits I had . Or should I say mk1 golfs !
  7. 2001 1.0L LHD wiring diargram pdf? Or manual?

    yes, very true. Cause everything one reads on the internet is always accurate.... Just figured I'd deffer to a group of people who evidently have an edge on me as having had lupos for the last 20 years. I did see it as a download. I actually kind of like physical copies. Preferably as a Bentley manual. but barring that option , I'll download. Thanks
  8. Would anyone here have such an item or suggestions where one might find such info? I'm in Canada not exactly common having a Lupo here.
  9. Lupo 1.8T mounting style questions

    Really ? Maybe my micrometer eye is off . I pulled control arm off but didn't push out bushing . It sure seemed smaller . I'll call vw
  10. Lupo 1.8T mounting style questions

    I did some reading on control arm bushings . Thought they were same as mk4 golf . Took it apart . Apparently not ! Any recommendations on upgrades ? Is there a factory solid version? I'd rather not go poly .
  11. Lupo 1.8T mounting style questions

    Yes but I want the worlds lowest torque 1.0L!!!! plus stock replacement 1.0L exhausts aren't exactly available over here .
  12. Lupo 1.8T mounting style questions

    Got my 2.5 stainless exhaust built ! Getting ready for 1.8T!
  13. Lupo 1.8T mounting style questions

    The silver one based on a wagon? Loved the look of that car . Mine has reduced leg room . I'm 6'2", it's a bit tight . Reality it's kind of useless for my lifestyle . If it had a locking tonneau cover itd be perfect. But I'm selling it so won't be my problem!
  14. Lupo 1.8T mounting style questions

    I'm in Canada . I think you're talking about the red one that got rebuilt on a USA spec Montana green shell . That one is amazing . I just used to fund my uk trips bringing euro spec parts back to Canada in the 90's. I bought mine from Jim at awesome years ago . Then got married, side tracked . But back on track these days ! This is my most recent build . Smyth kit I call "divorce therapy".Take a mk4 4dr, cut half off , install kit . Now I got a BDF Ute !