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  1. Found this on line ... lower left.
  2. Hi Does anyone know if there should be a cover on the belts connected next to alternator please? Thank you Karen
  3. Thanks everyone for their comments and help. I have now received a new cover from VW in Germany.
  4. Ok. Thanks anyway
  5. Hi Rich. The Lupo has an AHW engine if that helps? Thanks. Karen
  6. Hi. Thanks for comments. The top belt cover was in the back of the car when I went to collect it from garage! Not sure why they removed it (they were cleaning engine and checking oil leak problem). Garage have been quite dismissive - 'There wasn't one on there.' etc. They say they have checked workshop and don't have it so I need to source a replacement and I don't trust them to find one. Once sourced, they have agreed to fit it FOC. Have checked engine bay and can't see it ...
  7. Hi Do you still have any parts please? Looking for a lower timing belt cover for my 1999 1.4s Lupo automatic. Thanks. Karen
  8. Hi You don't happen to have a lower timing belt cover that will fit my 1.4s 1999 Automatic do you please? Wait to hear. Thanks. Karen
  9. 1999, not 1991 as originally posted! Sorry!
  10. Hi! The garage 'lost' the lower timing belt cover from my 1999 VW 1.4s Automatic - Do you have one please (plus bolts)? I've tried to order a replacement but there are none in stock in UK and it could take up to 3 weeks to come from Germany Please let me know - Thank you. Karen
  11. Hi The garage have managed to lose my lower timing belt cover. Local VW dealer advises there are none 'in stock' in the UK and it is going to take up to 3 weeks! Does anyone have a 'spare' timing belt cover (lower cover) or one from a Lupo that they are breaking please? Thank you. Karen
  12. Hi Rich Thank you will have a good clean up and keep checking
  13. Hi thanks cj1 - I would say drips rather than puddles - I have to top oil up with approx. 1L every 180-200 miles ... No puddles where I park but lot of oil on bottom of engine - Have been 'nursing' this for about a year so it's 'gathered' there over time ... Thank you for your help everyone
  14. Thanks Rich. What about products like 'Wynn's Engine Stop Leak'? Might be worth a try? I don't believe Croydon does have a place called by that name - Clapham does though ... K