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  1. Does anyone have a recommendation for a replacement backbox for a 1.0 arosa. Not looking to gain bhp just improve exhaust note and aesthetics cheers
  2. Would these fit

    Got them they fit and will be dropped 40mm today on new springs
  3. New member with questions

    Popped some 15 inch rh cup wheels on for size. Now its off for a 40mm drop to give it a bit of purpose
  4. Would these fit

    Ive tried and still no wiser
  5. Would these fit

    Need some help...would the following size wheels fit my sons arosa. Its standard height but intending a 40mm drop front and rear cheers. 4x100 7jx15 ET37 & Tyres 185/55R15
  6. Cheap Insurance for 17 Year Old?

    My son just got his 1.0 arosa at £900 . 1 female relative as named driver.Cheapest occupation tip is civil service
  7. New member with questions

    How can it look odd you can only see one side?
  8. New member with questions

    Its an s spec.
  9. New member with questions

    Hello....Today picked up a 2004 arosa on 36k in metallic grey as my sons first car. The front seems very high so my first question is what height should it be on the standard wheels? Ive seen lots of ads for lowering spring set ups but dont want it scraping the floor just a little less high. Would 40mm drop using new springs and original shocks still accomodate a 15 inch alloy and does anyone have this set up? Cheers