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  1. garage clearout

    Condition and price of headlights? Where in herts are you?
  2. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Watch this space and all will become clear but just wanted to show my appreciation
  3. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    IT'S FIXED, I have sorted it out at last☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ A massive thank you to everyone who took the time to help its really appreciated as this was a bit of a head scratcher so once again THANK YOU 😘
  4. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Hey this was my finding I'm taking the praise for this one
  5. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Have got to bottom of the problem ,now waiting on ECU ! So should be running soon😨
  6. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Just going over what I have done so far to see if I have missed anything so just a few quick question's when I turn ignition on should I be able to hear fuel pump I'm pretty sure I should be able to hear something now is this pump or immobiliser not activating pump also have got a new key coil that goes on key barrel and box that coil plugs into do I need to have this programmed to car and key?
  7. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    W reg so 99?
  8. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Still not working ¡!!!!¡
  9. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Pm sent 👍
  10. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Most of dash is out already due to looking at wires to look for break in cables etc I'm located hertford /ware
  11. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Also any ideas on where to get one and what I need to do when fitted ie does it need programming?
  12. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    That's what I was thinking as both keys don't seem to work
  13. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Where code was found?
  14. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Have managed to get a code come up on Delphi and it is 01176 - Key faulty signal to low Does this mean chip in key, key reader on barrel both new key etc etc any ideas? And would this be a reason why no glow plug light and not starting but turning over?
  15. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Have done and all ok