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    lupo sdi / BMW e46
  1. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Pm sent 👍
  2. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Most of dash is out already due to looking at wires to look for break in cables etc I'm located hertford /ware
  3. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Also any ideas on where to get one and what I need to do when fitted ie does it need programming?
  4. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    That's what I was thinking as both keys don't seem to work
  5. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Where code was found?
  6. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Have managed to get a code come up on Delphi and it is 01176 - Key faulty signal to low Does this mean chip in key, key reader on barrel both new key etc etc any ideas? And would this be a reason why no glow plug light and not starting but turning over?
  7. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Have done and all ok
  8. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    UPDATE Time changed 109 relay ,ecu all OK but still no glow plug light, so anymore ideas?
  9. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    I have changed 109 but was euro car parts one I might try vw one instead but thanks for your time
  10. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Needing help! I have a 1.7 SDI and have a issue which is that it will not start , I put key in turn and have no glow plug light , before it refused to start it would take up to half an hour of turning the key on off on off waiting for the glow plug light to come on when it did flash on it would start straight away no issue and when started had no problems ie didn't cut out etc but when turned off whether it ran for 5 minutes or 5+ hours it would still take just as long to start. Now I'm getting no glow plug light come on, now I have changed glow plugs, glow plug relay, fuel pump relay , have had it on a computer and not showing any issues gone through all wire's and connection and all OK and have changed little black immobiliser box that Connect's to the key reader and still nothing. As you can guess I'm a little stuck as to what it might be know its something simple please any ideas would be appreciated . forgotten to say that the car still turns over just doesn't fire up. Thanks for reading
  11. hi

    Hi there everyone in lupo land this is me just got a lupo again and though it would make sense to be part of a forum just in case here's the car in question and one of the BMW as well