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  1. charliemug

    Lupo GTI (2002) 114km FOR SALE

    Attached a couple of videos to show the exhaust note... Lupo GTI Static.mp4 Lupo GTI Drive-by.mp4
  2. charliemug

    Lupo GTI (2002) 114km FOR SALE

    Hi All, Decided that the time has come to put my GTI up for sale as it simply isn't being used any more... The car is currently based in North Wales as it is in storage, but may be back in London in the near future. The car itself is a 5 speed, from 2002 with an electric sunroof. It will come with 2 keys and has a very good service history. The interior of the car is totally standard, including the radio system. The exterior of the car is also very close to standard, with window privacy tint and the car being lowered the only visual modifications. Mechanically, the car has had quite a lot of work as listed below, some as repairs and some as personal preference! (I have all receipts for the work that has been done) KW V1's fitted; front and rear subframes polybushed, braided brake lines, Whiteline rear ARB fitted, 2 x new driveshafts, BMC carbon airbox, new starter motor, OMP front strut brace, 20mm wheel spacers all round, new alternator tensioner + belt, new clutch + timing belt, 2 x new wheel bearings (front), KAM Racing 4-1 race manifold + de-cat exhaust, EBC yellowstuff brake pads, 4 x new Toyo tyres... The car drives like a dream and is perfectly set up for spirited road use / occasional track use. It was always meant to be a "keep forever" car which means I have spent far too much money on it, but for the 3 years I have owned the car it has been brilliant! I'm looking for around £4500 ish but will listen to offers. Any questions feel free to message me or leave a comment below! The car will not come on the private plate but will be on Y181 OEF.
  3. charliemug

    GTI Upgraded Radiator?

    Okay perfect, sounds like I should be fine then! Cheers
  4. charliemug

    Whiteline Rear ARB

    Started mine off in the softest setting, then about 6 weeks later moved it up to the middle setting. Makes a huge difference to the car, I love it! May go up to the stiffest setting at some point, but the middle feels about right...
  5. charliemug

    GTI Upgraded Radiator?

    Okay perfect. I will see how it does at Silverstone next week and the will go from there! Thanks Rich!
  6. charliemug

    GTI Upgraded Radiator?

    Thanks for the suggestions! Not had any overheating yet, but just don't really want it to happen on track...
  7. charliemug

    GTI Upgraded Radiator?

    Hi, had a look round but can't seem to find an answer to this... My Lupo gti is going to be more track focused from now on, so I'm wondering if there is a better radiator than the OEM one? Want to make sure the car keeps cool on track. Any help or ideas would be appreciated!

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