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  1. Jeff13

    New to vw

    20170411_174710.mp4 Should be a video if it works
  2. Jeff13

    New to vw

    Car is all done ready to race Monday
  3. Jeff13

    New to vw

    Finally got some paint on just name and numbers to go
  4. Jeff13

    New to vw

    Cage door shuts and roof painted. New tank and fuel lines and running just back box to sort and paint on rest of car
  5. Jeff13

    New to vw

    I have cut all the inner doors out as bars have to be touching outside skin. First event is easter Monday I think
  6. Jeff13

    New to vw

    It built to autograss speck its the first car cage I have done but have built 3 msa 4x4 cages and helped out on a few more
  7. Jeff13

    New to vw

    Done a bit more
  8. Jeff13

    Daughters Junior rod prep

    Was looking for a polo but found a lupo it was just what we was looking for smothing small light and nice bit of power so far have striped it removed most of the loom and started on the cage. Will take more pic of progress if of interest to any one and always open to any pointers you might know
  9. Jeff13

    Lupo Spaceframe Build

    Have shed a little weight even found matting behind rear bumper. Hope to remove enough so the cage doesn't matter. All work in progress still
  10. Jeff13

    New to vw

    Not a lot left Inside have taken a feed bag full of wrie out and haven't touched engine bay yet
  11. Jeff13

    New to vw

    I think its the 75 bhp but not to fussed about brakes as there won't be a lot of grip
  12. Jeff13

    New to vw

    Car should be home marrow so I can start fitting the cage so will get pics. The car has done almost 100k with full history it still has mot till end of April car will be running as standard for a while till daughter get to grips with it. I have cut down the loom removed anything that not needed or will burn so am hoping to keep weight down as using a smaller engine
  13. Jeff13

    Best box

    Am building a car for junior rods at the min its 1.4 16v but was thinking about changing the box as limited to what we can mod and as car will spend most of its life in probably 2nd gear would like to make 2nd as long as possible or change box so that we use 2nd to pull away and use 3rd to race any pointers would be grate thanks
  14. Jeff13

    New to vw

    Evening all new lupo driver I am in the last stages of building our lupo for track playing we are limited to what we can tune at the min as main driver is daughter and she is 13, but trying to shed weight and increase power we are running a 1.4 16v at min can post picks of car when it looks better if people want

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