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  1. Hardest Standard Springs for my 1.8T

    Thanks Rich. Does it therefore follow that the MK3 Golf gti will offer one click back in hardness? Also, is the complete strut interchangeable? Cheers Chris
  2. Hardest Standard Springs for my 1.8T

    Hi Folks I'm trying to find which Lupo has the hardest standard springs? 1.7SDi I'm thinking because of the heavy diesel?? I want some harder springs for my 1.8T, but I don't want to loose ride height as the 1.8T sump is quite low. Anyone know?? Newbloke!!
  3. Mystery Front Struts

    Great thanks
  4. Mystery Front Struts

    Aha, my goof! Thanks. So, OE for a 1.0?? If anything I want to gain ground clearance. I'm guessing a diesel probably has the hardest stock springs?
  5. Mystery Front Struts

    Hi Folks Ok I'm doing some work on my Mongrel Lupo 1.8T, and I'm just trying to identify some of the parts. Today it's front suspension. I got this lot of the sticker on the strut, any Ideas??? 6NO 4130315 26H2K1 UWA 192A I have typed it into google, but nothing sensible popped up. I've not found a build thread on Y248SDO, so if you have seen one let me know!!!
  6. New 1.8T Lupo

    Well it's already in there and driving. It's got G60 front brakes in there, and did have coilovers on the front, but a previous owner has gone back to stock type setup, maybe GTi, don't know. It seems to handle ok, apart from the lack of power steering, anyone got a PS reservoir? Cheers
  7. New 1.8T Lupo

    My 1.8T is currently living in my Lupo , I think it started life as a 1.0. Anyone got a 2" exhaust. I have a 3" jobbie on there which is a bit low!!! Also any wheels, and a jack? I have No spare I'm in Sussex and happy to pick up.
  8. New 1.8T Lupo

    Hi All Just got myself a 1.8T Lupo, be afraid, be very afraid!!!