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  1. 2001 lupo gti breaking

    Front & rear seats still available, wheels, kw v1 coilover suspension, standard lupo gti steering wheel, tailgate (no spoiler), driver & passenger doors (drivers door glass sold) lupo gti alloy wheels centre caps included, dashboard 07833944169
  2. 2001 lupo gti breaking

    See last post ^
  3. 2001 lupo gti breaking

    Hello mate sorry for the late reply ! I have both still yes
  4. 2001 lupo gti breaking

    Pm'd you.
  5. 2001 lupo gti breaking

    **** UPDATE **** engine covered 145k miles & fully rebuilt gearbox at 100k miles for sale driver & passenger doors available KW inox line V1 lupo gti coilovers available tailgate for sale - smoothed handle recess available gti aliminum bonnet available rear & front seats interior, grey cloth interior in good condition for sale private plate L444 UPO for sale please contact me on ( 07833944169 ) with any questions or regards to prices on anything in particular. Need the space and this car gone ! Would sell full car for a decent offer ! Perfect project or track car.
  6. 2001 lupo gti breaking

    Yes still have this, pm me or text if interested please - 07833944169
  7. 2001 lupo gti breaking

    Momo team - sold passenger headlight washer - sold cup holders - sold front bumper & crash bar - sold front grill - sold
  8. 2001 lupo gti breaking

    Pm'd you
  9. 2001 lupo gti breaking

    Still got it, pm if you're interested n we'll go from there.
  10. 2001 lupo gti breaking

    Front bumper, momo team 280 steering wheel & gti front grill provisionally sold ! 07833944169 - lots of parts still available please contact me via text for quick response.
  11. Engine and 6 speed gearbox

    Got a GTI engine & 5 speed gearbox available if thats of any use? Gearbox was fully rebuilt at 120k and has been used for 20k miles. Engine has covered 145k. Pm me if interested mate
  12. 2001 lupo gti breaking

    Gti red seatbelts - SOLD plenty of other bits still available, PM me !
  13. Lupo GTI rear bumper

    Hello mate, i have a gti rear bumper available if you still needed. Pm me if interested
  14. 2001 lupo gti breaking

    Original vw GTI exhaust system mate, twin tail pipe
  15. 2001 lupo gti breaking

    Gti bathhursts - will need refurbing. all tyres have low tread and one flat. Can be removed before being sold if required ! looking for £200 collected or 200 plus postage cost to be delivered