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  1. Anthracite GTi

    Looking good as always!
  2. '03 Anthracite Gti

    Thank you! Yeah, those are the pros of owning a German spec GTI ... Therefore you guys got 8 speakers as standard!.. finding them in Germany was quite a pain
  3. '03 Anthracite Gti

    It surely has ... Thanks, I'm certain yours will look perfect too! I think that we might actually be the only anthracite Lupo owners with BBS 814 rims (or at least the only ones I know of ) At this point there are only a few minor things that I have planned for it. The first is the antenna.. I want to get the original one!
  4. '03 Anthracite Gti

    Glad you like them!
  5. '03 Anthracite Gti

    Thanks! ... I'm running the original suspension with shorter springs from H&R. They make the car about 30 mm lower.
  6. '03 Anthracite Gti

    Quick update: The Lupo's now sitting on original BBS RS 814 wheels. Here are a few random pics of the car...
  7. '03 Anthracite Gti

    Thanks!.. Yeah I did (it took some time but eventually some came up)
  8. '03 Anthracite Gti

    I also installed a gamma head unit along with a 6cd changer:
  9. '03 Anthracite Gti

    Just a quick update: I installed rear speakers! It took a lot of time, however the final result made all the effort worth it! Here are some (bad quality ) pics:
  10. '03 Anthracite Gti

    Yeah, I guess that's something.. I got mine from: http://www.profimats.com/gambio_shop2/product_info.php/info/p370_velours-fussmatten-vw-lupo-6x1-6e1-bj--1998---2005.html . Im not here to advertise, however I can surely recommend them to you
  11. '03 Anthracite Gti

    Thanks!, and yeah!... Unfortunately, the car only came with the rear (original) mats.. As they where not in a very good condition, I got a complete new set.
  12. '03 Anthracite Gti

    Thanks Rich! Glad you like it! Thank you! .. and yes, I do: (They aren't that good quality wise though...)
  13. '03 Anthracite Gti

    So I've been on this site for some time now and I figured it is about time I share my Lupo with you! She's a 2003, 6 speed Gti. The colors Anthracite gray and the interior is red. I've had it since December and it's currently sitting on 16 inch Momo wheels (The previous owner had put them on). Besides them, it's basically standard, except for the radio, the antenna and the lowered suspension. Anyway, I'll just let the pictures do the talking!
  14. Vw Lupo Rear Door Cards (with Speaker Grills)

    No thanks. I'll let the offer pass. Blue gets to have them
  15. Vw Lupo Rear Door Cards (with Speaker Grills)

    Well, I don't want to be the rude one . If blue made the offer first he can have them. I will just have to keep searching...