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  1. VW Fest?

    Whos going? CL is not very chatty lately. I need some friends. 🙂
  2. VW Fest?

    But these are my favourites
  3. VW Fest?

    This would be cool
  4. VW Fest?

    What sort of swings @Pete? Because there are many types. I do love any sort of swing, I like those ones at the shows that go really high and go round.. Do you like swings?
  5. VW Fest?

    Bakewell.. as in Cherry Bakewells? mmmm
  6. VW Fest?

    Are these from your Garden Pete? Pretty
  7. VW Fest?

    You should come.. it would be nice to meet you You should also come. It would be nice to meet you too. @Rich That is possibly the weirdest name ever. 😂
  8. VW Fest?

    @Pete are you going to VWfest?
  9. Aimee's lupo

    I prefer a korma. As long as there are popadoms who even cares !
  10. VW Fest?

    Maybe he does have aids? I don't know :-(
  11. Aimee's lupo

    @Pete you're so saucy
  12. VW Fest?

    It's a different strain of the heroes simplex virus guys. Danno has a lot of things, herpes isn't one
  13. Aimee's lupo

    Apparently so. I use it for wrapping presents sometimes... but for the bedroom I prefer duct tape. How do you prefer yours?
  14. Aimee's lupo

    @Pete do you like masking tape?
  15. VW Fest?

    Maybe. Depends on wether my cold sore is gone
  16. Lupito

    What is kakaka? 😊
  17. A lupo and an arosa

    Thank you :-)
  18. A lupo and an arosa

    At least you haven't got an owl in your heating system. Mice are cool. Lay some cheese. @Rich I want my teabags back. Can I collect them today? I've had no tea this morning and my world is ending 😏
  19. Lupito

    Tacos 🌮
  20. A lupo and an arosa

    😂😂😂😂😂 Rich what's happened to you? You've turned into Pete. And Pete has turned into you.
  21. A lupo and an arosa

    @Rich you've just said his daughter is scum.
  22. Pete's Built-Not-Bought GTI(s)

    Sorry I'm late but congratulations!! Xx
  23. Pete's Built-Not-Bought GTI(s)

    Love these snow pics ❤️❤️ Xx
  24. A lupo and an arosa

    I have looked through build threads ! I shall have a look and like it all. We can be friends...... it's fate!! Dont let us be torn apart again darling Pete
  25. A lupo and an arosa

    You have my first like brilliant !! x