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  1. Ratty Lupo. 

    Please. My paint is now blue where the boot shuts. 

  2. New Member!

    Morning. I've no clue what I am.
  3. HO HEY :)

    Or man :-( poor Zizzi xx
  4. Want to know how much I can sell my Lupo for ?

    Does anyone actually know how much this lupo is selling for then???? so off topic. whos a skim reader ?? And because he prefers pork.
  5. Newbie member... Thanks for the add

    Hello Staffordshire 👋🏻 What information do you need? I'm trying to find Pete's address if you know it. But seriously, TDI yes.
  6. garage clearout

    How much just for the 195 45 15? ❤️
  7. garage clearout

    set of 4 bbs rx and the set of 4 195 45 15 😊
  8. Text on rear window

    You're so close yet so far. Ray im trying to meet him but I feel he's avoiding me 🙄 Meeting Pete is more serious 👌🏻 😂
  9. Text on rear window

    I like finding yours... although it seems well hidden. Oh, sounds like an interesting thread 😂 X
  10. Want to know how much I can sell my Lupo for ?

    £600 is pretty decent. @Rich is it my birthday present so I can rat a lupo?
  11. Text on rear window

    Who is the do you know who I am? And I'm so happy I found this thread sausage ha x
  12. Lupo tail lights on an Arosa?

    CL is full of such interesting things I've never really looked at isn't it? It's 3am I can't sleep. 😂😀
  13. Text on rear window

    Have it say - "Ignore this text. I'm so scene" 🙈
  14. Future of Club Lupo

    Do you need help? 😊
  15. Want to know how much I can sell my Lupo for ?

    Dicks. 😂🙈 isn't that a what a group of Richards are called? @Pete? Lighten up! Too much seriousness isn't healthy. What did you expect? No details, no decent pictures? At least send some nudes..... of the car. 😉
  16. garage clearout

    And wheels!?
  17. garage clearout

    But seriously... how much for tyres?
  18. garage clearout

    Matt do you even own a dog? I didn't know Jewish people were allowed pets? 😊 Xx
  19. pete for mod.

    But did he send nudes?
  20. Want to know how much I can sell my Lupo for ?

    £152 and I'm out @cj1 😂
  21. pete for mod.

    You're so high maintenance... I love that. Well I'll find you one day. There are so many "Pete" profiles on there. Everyone just wants to be like you... which isn't surprising. You're amazing. My insta is mscherryviolet.... in case you need some images for when you're alone in the bathroom ❤️
  22. pete for mod.

    I wish you could have had my cherry pete. I pine for you every night. God im so in love ❤️
  23. pete for mod.

    Why but of course. I'm devoted to Pete. I just need a nice picture of him now and my shrine is complete ❤️
  24. pete for mod.

    Pete I'm just telling the truth. From the heart. ❤️ Trying to find one of those for free is pretty hard!! Yes, code. Cherry and Pete code ❤️
  25. pete for mod.

    No Pete. Your skills on here are truly amazing. You're the most fabulous person on club lupo in my honest opinion ❤️