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  1. Ratty Lupo. 

    Please. My paint is now blue where the boot shuts. 

  2. New Member!

    Morning. I've no clue what I am.
  3. HO HEY :)

    Or man :-( poor Zizzi xx
  4. Want to know how much I can sell my Lupo for ?

    Does anyone actually know how much this lupo is selling for then???? so off topic. whos a skim reader ?? And because he prefers pork.
  5. Newbie member... Thanks for the add

    Hello Staffordshire 👋🏻 What information do you need? I'm trying to find Pete's address if you know it. But seriously, TDI yes.
  6. garage clearout

    How much just for the 195 45 15? ❤️
  7. garage clearout

    set of 4 bbs rx and the set of 4 195 45 15 😊
  8. Text on rear window

    You're so close yet so far. Ray im trying to meet him but I feel he's avoiding me 🙄 Meeting Pete is more serious 👌🏻 😂
  9. Text on rear window

    I like finding yours... although it seems well hidden. Oh, sounds like an interesting thread 😂 X
  10. Want to know how much I can sell my Lupo for ?

    £600 is pretty decent. @Rich is it my birthday present so I can rat a lupo?
  11. Text on rear window

    Who is the do you know who I am? And I'm so happy I found this thread sausage ha x
  12. Lupo tail lights on an Arosa?

    CL is full of such interesting things I've never really looked at isn't it? It's 3am I can't sleep. 😂😀
  13. Text on rear window

    Have it say - "Ignore this text. I'm so scene" 🙈
  14. Future of Club Lupo

    Do you need help? 😊
  15. Want to know how much I can sell my Lupo for ?

    Dicks. 😂🙈 isn't that a what a group of Richards are called? @Pete? Lighten up! Too much seriousness isn't healthy. What did you expect? No details, no decent pictures? At least send some nudes..... of the car. 😉