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  1. Sport gearstick thingy.

    You ask then. Has it got the spotty parts.
  2. Sport gearstick thingy.

    You’re all so helpful. Merry Christmas then xx
  3. Sport gearstick thingy.

    Danno ruined the cherry. I love my knob but I need something! I need my new wheels dipping also, any ideas folks?
  4. Sport gearstick thingy.

    Yeah! I want it to match and had one in the cherry but somehow I’ve misplaced it? Did you steal it?
  5. New Member!

    sounds like a scream. Though it sounds a bit like Durham. Theres only one thing I’m after and it’s that choccywoccydoodah woman. 👍🏻 But thanks. You can be my tour guide if I ever venture there
  6. Sport gearstick thingy.

    Thanks sweetheart ❤️
  7. Sport gearstick thingy.

    Don’t “no” me. Have you got a spare knob or not @Pete?
  8. New to Lupo's current MK1 Golf owner !

    Please do. She’s beautiful ❤️
  9. Sport gearstick thingy.

    The bit you pull off, with the cover and the knob ☺️ The dotty fabric. Please help find me one I’ve lost mine 💋
  10. Adding images using click to add file

    Here’s a picture of @danno
  11. New Member!

    Nice as in, just canny? And I see.... is it a sexually active place?
  12. New to Lupo's current MK1 Golf owner !

    Perhaps you should let me and @danno have that? 👍🏻 We love mk1s ❤️
  13. Hey all

    I actually think that would be cute. Smurfy. 👍🏻
  14. I want to join in!

    Get a ratty lupo. Ignore everyone saying don’t. Do it.
  15. New Member!

    Is Brighton a nice place?