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  1. Tacos 🌮
  2. 😂😂😂😂😂 Rich what's happened to you? You've turned into Pete. And Pete has turned into you.
  3. @Rich you've just said his daughter is scum.
  4. Sorry I'm late but congratulations!! Xx
  5. Love these snow pics ❤️❤️ Xx
  6. I have looked through build threads ! I shall have a look and like it all. We can be friends...... it's fate!! Dont let us be torn apart again darling Pete
  7. You have my first like brilliant !! x
  8. please continue 🤗 X
  9. Why a giggle? Do they tell jokes?
  10. Rich I liked this because I laughed. I even rang Danno and laughed. You're like a dinner nanny haha 😂 I believe this banana video mind. I want to see. Stop kissing up! @Skezza I like you the most ❤️
  11. @Rich me and Pete is friends now ❤️
  12. Yeah; I want a WhatsApp group! lonely cherrypie I think I'll just stick to wondering what they discuss..... my innocent little mind can't handle it haha x
  13. @cj1 I've discovered what they do in the group!
  14. Pete, you're the best ❤️ (Flattery) All these people love you too!
  15. I want to see this! This is funny. I have Danno in a dress? And with make up on.