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  1. mscherryviolet

    Cherry's Christmas list

    Black headliner for Lupo, no sunroof. some nice wheels would be nice. A decent interior. Thanks
  2. mscherryviolet

    The Fantastic adventures of Mattarosa

    So I have decided in the interest of the people that we need to dedicate a thread to @mattarosa. This is that thread. I shall start from today, as previous adventures will require memory recollection, and I’ve had a few gins so that can wait. I have take mattarosa’s virginity. Yes. You read this correctly. I have total control of it. That is, his IKEA virginity. Today, mattarosa drove @danno (who is a p***k) and myself to the metro centre, which is also somewhere he has never been, and we went into ikea. I am pretty sure that this is the best thing to happen to my little Matt since lupo cufflinks. Anywho, he had meatballs, mash and gravy. And I believe in my heart he was satisfied. And oh I also took his Parmo virginity. It’s been a double cherry popping time :) Mattarosa likes to drive 3 and a half hours from his little domain in Leek to the grand county of Durham to visit me! He brings me oatcakes in exchange for a swig of gin, hot food and a bed. No Rich, we do not have strange relations. Yes Pete you’re always welcome. No Martin I haven’t got a cat. Thank you for the amazing times... . Look out for more wild adventures of mattarosa coming soon :) Good evening.
  3. mscherryviolet

    Cherry’s Fresco

  4. mscherryviolet

    Cherry’s Fresco

  5. mscherryviolet

    2002 Arosa s Tdi For sale

  6. Shut up no I have beautiful hands!! Ask Pete!
  7. mscherryviolet

    Cherry’s Fresco

    Yeah probably am a bit moist like....
  8. mscherryviolet

    Cherry’s Fresco

    🤭😮 wow. I wasnt expecting this turn of events.... Ray I’ve never heard this side of you I don’t know how I feel..... ❤️
  9. mscherryviolet

    Cherry’s Fresco

    Pete I already urban dictionary’d It. 😂 but thanks for the visual. Just a glorified spitroast isn’t it?
  10. mscherryviolet

    Cherry’s Fresco

    Martin that’s a spiffing idea. I do like that corrado colour. on another note, how do you feel about vwfest2019? Are you attending? I would like to meet the man behind Martin.
  11. mscherryviolet

    Cherry’s Fresco

    Also martin, you’re lovely. Thank you.
  12. mscherryviolet

    Cherry’s Fresco

    I know it’s going to be dirty but I would like to know the whole story. As for this contrast situation I have no clue. I’ve had a wine and need time to process this.
  13. mscherryviolet

    Cherry’s Fresco

    @Rich what is this Eiffel Tower Pete speaks of?
  14. mscherryviolet

    Cherry’s Fresco

    You still haven’t explained Eiffel Tower
  15. mscherryviolet

    Cherry’s Fresco

    Shut up Rich. How can I not go with that now? My true love and my new love both day so.

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