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  1. Marcus' Lupo GTI

    cheers dude
  2. Lupo Lower Door Card Clips???

    thanks dude
  3. Does anyone know where i can find these clips from? Not sure of their name either so cant find any anywhere! I could do with about 10 Thanks in advance
  4. Marcus' Lupo GTI

    also does anyone know where i can get these clips from?
  5. Marcus' Lupo GTI

    yeah i know mate, they were already like that. ill take them off soon when i can be bothered
  6. Marcus' Lupo GTI

    thanks, pictures dont do them justice tbh, will need to get better ones http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GLOSS-BLACK-GERMAN-GEL-NUMBER-PLATES-3D-RESIN-RAISED-EMBOSSED-DOMED-/231882240170?hash=item35fd4230aa:g:mY4AAOSwBPNXSGLa
  7. Marcus' Lupo GTI

    so my new number plates arrived today, german 3d resin plates. personally think they look awesome much better than the ones i had before! ive de-wipered the rear and lowered the car on ap coilovers by about 30mm, i wish i would've lowered it a bit more but will wait until i buy some wheels beginning of the new year before lowering it again
  8. Marcus' Lupo GTI

    you should definitely go take some pictures then!
  9. Marcus' Lupo GTI

    coilovers have been fitted tonight, lowered by around 30mm for now. looks so much better! will give it a well needed clean this weekend and get some new pictures up... but for now just this one i took outside work last week.
  10. Marcus' Lupo GTI

    i see what you mean now! cars looking good dude, love the colour
  11. Marcus' Lupo GTI

    cheers dude, its a nice little spot local to me! yeah you should would be great to see
  12. Marcus' Lupo GTI

    i think youre right, i hadnt even noticed
  13. Marcus' Lupo GTI

    thanks pal! really? how can you tell? they were like that when I bought it, gonna take them off when I can be bothered
  14. Lupo gti stance build

    looking sweet, love the wheels, what colour were they before you repainted them nardo grey?
  15. Anthracite GTi

    great looking pictures! by how much did you lower it? looks good