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    Lupo 1.4 e automatic
  1. Josimo


    Had it serviced, and it's just as bad..the engine is now knocking..the exhaust is blowing..it's only done just over 75thousand miles! Going to break him sadly ?If anyone wants anything, text me 07711091347..jo
  2. Josimo


    Used the car today, it's been fine, don't understand why??? And what happened?? ????
  3. Josimo


    Oh no!!
  4. Josimo


    Thanks anyway ?
  5. Josimo


    Hi, just been to the shops, and my beloved lupo wouldn't pull away from the lights, it was like he was stuck in gear, then when he did eventually pull away , he set off with a thump from the gear box!! ? Please tell me his box isn't on the way out ???
  6. Josimo

    Rumble from one of my wheels?

    Thankyou, is it an expensive fix?
  7. Hi, just got myself a cute little red 1.4 lupo, automatic, got a nasty rumble coming from we think is the front passenger side wheel , you can hear it inside the car when it's driving but not outside..confused as to what it might be?

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