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  1. Project first car

    Finally got new wheels and tyres jbw starmags 13" with nankangs, just need to drop it more 😀
  2. Project first car

    Cheers, thanks for the advice and it's just a cheap eBay job but works great.
  3. Wheel opinions

    Whats peoples opinions on these? Will get powder coated
  4. Project first car

    UPDATE: so i decided to buy a 6.2 2 din stereo and it looks pretty good.
  5. What are these wheels?

    Might be selling them depending if I like them on the car if I do like them I'm going to sell the wheels that are on there now.
  6. What are these wheels?

    Does anyone know what wheels they are? Tbey are 15x7 4x100.
  7. Mods?

    Cheers mate.
  8. Mods?

    Hi mate, I have a 1.4 lupo e without central locking and was wondering if you can just buy a kit from another model and fit it in mine.
  9. Project first car

    Cheers mate.
  10. Project first car

    Yh that's what mine is like once ypur going it's not too bad, but taking off it Dosent feel good, I'll more than likely just change it.
  11. Project first car

    Great, thank you.
  12. Project first car

    Ok cheers, I'm thinking a 6.2" touch screen and not to sure about the gearbox.
  13. Project first car

    Just bought a lupo 1.4, looking to to put in a sat nav any suggestions? Also probably just me but do lupos in general have really rattley gear boxes?