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  1. b3ats@sky.com


    It was late and I was tired lol - luckily 3 Bosch glow plugs is actually what I've bought. The oil is a Triple QX 5w40 which meets 505.01 apparently. Hoping the rain stays away so I can at least make a start today. Would have preferred the air filter to have been a tad more accessible.
  2. b3ats@sky.com


    I have checked the Government MOT database and the mileages tally up as far back as it goes. The car has had 2 previous lady owners, the last being since 2007. There is also a part service history included with the car that backs it up a bit further. The outside of the car is a bit shabby (bumper scrapes and the odd small dent here & there) but the inside is nice. I honestly couldn't be happier - wanted one of these for a while. Just bought an air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, 5 litres of oil & 3 spark plugs, so that it can have a decent service because the history is a bit rubbish and I reckon it's overdue.
  3. b3ats@sky.com


    Hi guys & gals, Just on my way to pick up my first Lupo - an '04 1.4 TDi with ~36k on the clock. Not in the best condition (few scrapes & bumps) but hoping to have that sorted and get it looking mint. Looking forward to getting it back home. Have a good day!

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