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    Hi all, I'm new to the lupo but not to VAG, owners forums and groups ive owned many over my years and this lupo is now my 41st vehicle. And I'm still a young (in the head boy racer type) 44 years old Ive owned an Audi 80, a MK1 TT, a MK2 polo, 2 x MK2 Passat estates, a T5 Transporter, a T4 Transporter and my sadly missed T25 panel van. So I know a fair bit of the old workings and some new of the VW's and love nothing better than to be lay on wet concrete in winter under a jacked up car covered in oil with a hot exhaust pipe melting through my pants. I WILL be using this forum and clubs knowledge to the max for info and advice and really looking forward to modding my little lupo. It's gonna be lowered not slammed and engine/drive train tweets and near enough every suspension part changed so I can go round corners on rails. I still love the thrill of speed and safety more importantly so brake system will be changed over time too. I can't wait to get started? Hope to meet some of you in upcoming meets and shows. Chris.

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