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  1. Hi All I currently have a Lupo project (standard 1.0 shell) on the go and have the opportunity to purchase a 3L front aluminium subframe/hubs/shocks as well as the rear beam/hubs. Question is can these be bolted straight to a standard shell without modifications? I'm aware the 3L shell is the same as the GTI. Has anyone had experience of doing this conversion? Cheers
  2. Matty4

    Project Rally lupo!

    Is the Anderson plug for jumping if necessary? Its good to see the car is still evolving and looking to forward to what's next. 👍🏻
  3. Matty4

    Project Rally lupo!

    Yes she's 13yrs at the minute but can enter the f1000 rally's as a driver at 14yrs old after doing 3 auto tests and then her junior BAR assessment. It seems the F1000 route although restrictive is the only way to get her starter at her age....other than that she's got to be 17.... Im based in Sheffield and there's a local disused airbase (Norton Lightwood) that caters for 11 to 16 years old learner drivers by profession driving instructors. If you take your own vehicle it's £10 an hour to use the facilities without their input so this is where we hope to be sorting her auto test skills out prior to assessment next spring. yeah I might start a build thread off....but I guess you've sort of led the way really. Any advice would be appreciated and I'll look for you on FB.
  4. Matty4

    Project Rally lupo!

    Brill thread and so informative! I am just about to strip a newly acquired and tired Lupo 1.0 for rally prep. My 13 year old daughter has the rally bug after doing Rally experiences in a Ka and Impreza! We are hoping to enter the car in the F1000 championship mid-summer next year, giving enough time to prep the car on a shoe string and get her some experience in the car etc. The OMP cage has been delivered along with the plumbed in extinguishers, the FIA cutout switches etc. Once again top thread!