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    soft blue lupo 1.4
  1. Something just arrived
  2. Love that car dude <3 best lupo i have ever seen
  3. Something just arrived 😍
  4. I have the adaptor that skezza says works perfectly
  5. I am kinda late ik but I would go for the pioneer DEH-2800UI
  6. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-NEW-BEETLE-LUPO-POLO-RED-ST-BLACK-LEATHER-GEAR-STICK-GAITOR-COVER-GAITER-/281551501703?fits=Model%3ALupo&hash=item418dc6f987:g:oEMAAOSwc3ZUqI2y Not hard to find
  7. I was not sure that the one with the auto light would fit the wiring looks different 😭 It's a eBay general item golf 4 Passat b5 beetle polo 9n and lupo 👌😁
  8. old one broke xD
  9. Bought this
  10. I am more interested about the little ring.... Ty for the help @mattarosa
  11. Hey can you help me by telling me the part numbers of these ?
  12. Thank you rich
  13. Small update i cleaned her engine bay probably her first time in 18years
  14. Air stopped worked few weeks ago any idea what this could be ? :/ she is FULL of problems....
  15. EXPLAIN where do you found them and price