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  1. HELP! Tracking is screwed

    I did the 2 bolts and pulled it towards me and worked a treat! Thanks for all the help!
  2. HELP! Tracking is screwed

    I know mate, mine never seems to be that accurate though. Had a few cases where something’s clearly on the piss but my phone says it’s level.
  3. HELP! Tracking is screwed

    Will do pal, won’t be a while until I get round to it so if I have any problems i’ll Let you know
  4. HELP! Tracking is screwed

    Ahhh I see👍🏻
  5. HELP! Tracking is screwed

    Explain please?
  6. HELP! Tracking is screwed

    Cheers pal
  7. HELP! Tracking is screwed

    Ok cheers. I’ll let you know how I get on
  8. HELP! Tracking is screwed

    So basically try and remove all the camber and see what’s its like at that point?
  9. HELP! Tracking is screwed

    Cheers for the help mate. Only problem I have is that I don’t really see why I have to mess with the ball joints when all I’ve done in the first place is taken the strut out and not touched anything else? Cheers
  10. HELP! Tracking is screwed

    Hi all. After removing my front struts to inspect the condition of the top hats and such like, i refitted them and to save time aligning I put them in at the maximum amount of camber. Only problem is the passenger side has a tonne of toe in after doing this. Can anyone help and tell me what I need to do to get it back to how it was? Cheers

    Does anyone have a foglight front bumper for sale near york? Even the lower half would do if you have one. Thanks
  12. Bluetooth adaptors

    After having no luck with an auxilary adaptor i bought off amazon for my beta head unit, ive been on the lookout for other solutions, and if they work properly i think a bluetooth adaptor would suit my needs. Has anyone had any experience with these? Do they work? Is the audio quality good? Thanks in advance for your replies
  13. Beta aux cable

    Tried it in the back of the radio and still says “no cd”, i checked and it has a ground wire. All the wires go to the correct pins on the plug as well.
  14. Beta aux cable

    I recently bought one of those aux cables that plugs into either the back of the beta radio or the cd changer port on the back of the cd player. However when plugged in to the radio it just shows "no cd" and if you plug it into the cd player and press select to move the function to "cd changer" it just goes straight back to playing the cd. Is there anyone that could help or that has had the same problem and managed to sort it? Cheers, Henry
  15. VW Beta

    Sorry to revive an old topic but i’ve just bought one and have the same issue. Did you manage to sort it?