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  1. I think its pin 13 if that rings a bell?
  2. Hi. Could anyone tell me which pin on the back of the headlight switch controls the sidelights? Tried with multimeter but not much luck. Also is the sidelight fuse the same fuse as something else as I can't find it. Cheers
  3. Ok cheers mate from what i can remember i think its around 10mm
  4. Oh sorry mate that was the head i'll have to check later how wide the bolt itself is
  5. Think they're either 15 or 16mm mate
  6. Is there a way you can work out how tight they are using a torque wrench by slowly increasing the torque and waiting for it to click?
  7. Cheers mate you wouldnt happen to know the engine mount specs would you?
  8. Hi, does anyone have a list of the torque specs for a 1.0 Lupo? Or can you tell me where i could find them becuase I can't find anything online. Cheers. Henry
  9. im modifying mine but im using mainly vw parts
  10. Do you know how i could stop it?
  11. I know there is already a thread about this but i didnt really understand it. i took the airbox off my 1.0 today just to see how to do it and I noticed a load of yellow gunk in what i've been told are the PCV pipes. Could someone please explain to me what it is, and how to stop it? Thanks
  12. Sorry having thought about it im going to hold off for a bit, sorry for any inconvenience
  13. Would you consider holding on to them for a bit?
  14. Where would i have to go to pick them up?
  15. Around £45??