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  1. Jc1988

    Loopy the 1.4

    Im thinking about a wrap but undecided on colour.. I wanted white at first but now thinking maybe another blue with white alloys, mine has also not felt right since changing coil pack.. I've done a scan with an obd and get nothing so will prob change spark plugs and ht leads as I want blue ones anyway and see what happens
  2. Jc1988

    Loopy the 1.4

    Cool I thought there was only the one blue, any chance of seeing pic of your car ?
  3. Jc1988

    Loopy the 1.4

    is yours not the same colour blue ? i think mines jazz blue.. what colour are you thinking of going ? wrap or spray ?
  4. Jc1988

    Loopy the 1.4

    few people have hit it since then =/
  5. Jc1988

    Loopy the 1.4

    im so glad ive found this thread its been quite an interesting read for a few reasons.. main reason is i have a 1.0e in blue! and am currently in the process of trying to clean mine up and make a few light mods nothing major, id like to do my alloys white and paint the drums and calipers a blue to match the car. all the best james
  6. Jc1988

    New to here

    Oh cool ive not seen it on one before also like the metal plates im after some myself
  7. Jc1988

    free lupo cuts out randomly

    Get a obd scanner and check fault codes ?
  8. Jc1988

    My Lupo 1.0E

    Hi everyone im new to the site and thought i would put a pic up of my lupo.. i also have a 1.7 SDI in yellow James
  9. Jc1988

    Seat Arosa 1.4 TDI S breaking!

    hellow pal sorry to hear your breaking it as it looked a wicked little car! im interested in the cup holders if you are willing to post.. how much would you like for them ? cheers James
  10. Jc1988

    New to here

    Welcome Matty! im new to the site also.. nice looking lupo mate has it only got 1 wiper ?
  11. Jc1988

    Clunking noise

    @joeyeunos looks like we are both learning spanish lol
  12. Jc1988

    First two weeks in a Lupo.

    same i've got a blue 1.0E and a yellow 1.7 SDI and thinking about another..
  13. Jc1988

    First Car

    i know the frustration of wanting to get out on the road right away but take some bullet points from this guide with you when you view and dont be afraid to walk away and hang on for the right car for you as the chances are you will want it to last you at least 2 years..
  14. Jc1988

    First Car

    have a read on this
  15. Jc1988

    First Car

    im 28 and recently passed only last october.. i was lucky to grab a 1.0e on a Y reg 2001 with 83,000 on the clock, im the second owner with all the history as a little oldy lady had it before me and serviced it with the VW garage she brought it with religiously hence the ridiculous price i paid of £1250.. my insurance was £1750 for the first year with direct line and thats with my partner and i having a multi car discount etc so it will be high the first year or 2! it was a shock for me i asure you but does get better as my renewal has knocked a £1000 offand now im getting quotes of around £650-£800 fully comp for the year! i cant find it now but there is a thread with things to look out for when buying a Lupo so have a look around the site for that but from what i can remember its 1.4's you have to be more careful with

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