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  1. Does anyone out there know the part number of the gear selector seal for my 1.0 arosa? Leaking and will need replacing
  2. Corey1

    Aftermarket stereo

    It was working on a fabia aswell but doesnt seem to want to work on my car
  3. Corey1

    Aftermarket stereo

    Ive tried it on 2 and they work in other cars but dont seem to work in mine
  4. I was looking to change my double din radio to a single din but when i swapped it out the double din for the single it didnt work and only sounded like the cd tray in it was working, although when i put my double din back in it works, fuses and wiring is all fine in the single din, has anyone any solution to this problem?
  5. It never runs bad as it is now so i was just wondering if it would over time or if it would improve anything with it in
  6. Would putting a cone filter on be any use?
  7. Ive had it for 11 months and not an issue, still does great mpg and never runs bad? Would i better to get one and put it in?
  8. As you can see my car doesnt have a breather pipe, but ive been running it like this for ages and im wondering whether it will do any damage without it or is it fine without?
  9. Corey1

    Help!! Leak?

    Any idea how to fix it?
  10. Im wondering if anyone here could help me, i parked my car up and there seems to be a leak coming from my rear passenger arch and ive tried to dry it on the car but it keeps leaking, does anyone know why this could be happening?
  11. I have owned my arosa my arosa for 7 months and i have never had an issue with my previous single unit and bought a double din unit and installed it 2 days ago which worked fine when i first tried it then i took it out to change the red and yellow wires about and installed it again and from then there is no power going to the unit. I have tried everything from changing the fuses both in car and in the radio, testing the connections with a multimeter, grounding the wire off to the chassis of the car, dissconnecting the battery and still nothing has worked. I have tried the radio in my brothers car and it works fine so the issus isnt the radio as it works fine. So the issue seems to be with my car. Im wondering if anyone else has any suggestions or ideas as to why there is no power going to my unit i would appreciate it.