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  1. What size gear knob?

    Anyone know what size gear knob to get? I know lupo/arosa arent threaded but it seems you can only buy threaded ones.. Does anyone know what size thread will fit on the clip? What size hole ect? Cheers
  2. Slammed white Loop - Chesterfield

    Spotted a slammed white loop at Arkwright at dinner time Nice car!
  3. Will they fit?

    Yes mate, looked into it. according to http://www.autopartuk.com/tyre-calculator/ 195/45/15 is equivalent to my old 185/55/14 Cheers
  4. Will they fit?

    Will 15'' ET45 57.1mm 6J alloys fit a 1L lupo/arosa? And what tyre size would be the best? The car isn't lowered. Cheers!
  5. Alloys getting resprayed

    My arosa alloys are booked in for a refurb, but thought I'd get them sprayed whilst I was there. What colours would be good on the standard 2004 arosa alloys? My car looks exactly like pictured below Cheers