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  1. Them wheels look spot on. Standard bathursts are great but these are even better! What suspension you running and how much you lowered by?
  2. Seen some go for 5-6k depending on history and mileage
  3. Well too cheap for a anthracite! GLWS
  4. The loom may look OK but you could still have a wiring issue. Or the Engine ECU can no longer read the signal from the G28. Don't loose hope though it can be fixed. Had a 106 Gti myself. Such a nightmare car aswell the lupo is in a different league.
  5. Which make sensor did you buy? Logged the same fault i can see P0321. If you've fit a sensor you'll have to go down checking the wiring route
  6. Such a shame its the only exhaust i fancy on my GTi. Becuase i know what it sounds like. Was going to go custom but never know what it'll sound like until its done and on.
  7. Car looks great man! When did you order the janspeed? Desperate for one for mine but cant seem to find them new anymore or any used ones either!
  8. These definatly for a GTi? How come you're selling? Will you post for £100?