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  1. Cheers Rich. Knew I could rely on you to be the one to help
  2. So I drove my car into two posts like an idiot. I've dented the drivers side wing and also scratched the passenger sides door/panel behind the door. Looking at picking up a wing on Friday for £30. Any idea how to replace it? I've tried to search on here but keep getting errors I've attached photos to show what I mean. Any other solutions to this would be great, I'm all ears.
  3. Lupo Standard Suspension

    Would like to see pics of this pale blue Lupo
  4. Centre Bore on alloys too small

    Yep, MX5
  5. Centre Bore on alloys too small

    Here's the the before and after They need a good clean and the centre caps don't sit right because the wheel nuts are too big. Also I apologise for the sticker. It's of bad taste I know.
  6. Centre Bore on alloys too small

    Found a local place to do it cheap with a big lathe. Cheers for the suggestions
  7. Centre Bore on alloys too small

    Would a dremel be accurate enough?
  8. I just bought some "BBS" alloys and the centre bore won't sit on the hub at all. Is there a way around his? Can I resize the alloys or even put a spacer in place?
  9. As title says. Started happening a few weeks ago and its been driving me crazy. Anyone else have a similar problem?
  10. Sorry for bad quality
  11. How to clean yellow headlights?

    I'll have a look in some scrappys. Thanks
  12. How to clean yellow headlights?

    So my headlights are fairly yellow. I've tried the toothpaste trick but that didn't seem to do anything. It seems as though most of the yellowing is on the inside of the headlights. Anyway of cleaning or am I just having to buy a new set of lights? Cheers.

    My new 1.4 S

    My first car. Just recently got rid of him.