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  1. Cypha

    Bike carbs and coil packs.

    I roughed up this quick diagram for anyone interested. I have to test it out, been busy and I need some fuel parts but will report back when I have done it.
  2. Cypha

    Bike carbs and coil packs.

    Update: spoken to Motorsport and they have openly admitted (after checking online) that the information in their documentation is wrong and the leads need to go in a different configuration. They have tole me the voltage drop is not a issue as if it drops below a level that the system will not support it reboots/resets. As this is not happening the voltage it good, it must be the connections. Will update when I have some news.
  3. Cypha

    Bike carbs and coil packs.

    Well that's fine but I also measure across the battery during cranking and it also drops below 12v, so a pull up might be the only way.
  4. Cypha

    Bike carbs and coil packs.

    Well that doc would be good but didn't go into much detail, so I searched the VW part number 032 904 106B and hit the jackpot! https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.msextra.com%2Fforums%2Fviewtopic.php%3Ft%3D49837&share_tid=49837&share_fid=45446&share_type=t Only issue I don't really get what they mean. I know I need a pullup on it but the instructions are so vague! Grrrr
  5. Cypha

    Bike carbs and coil packs.

    I have searched online for diagrams and the lupo is so overwhelmed by polos it is hard to know if you looking at the right schematic. Got any good links you can rely on?
  6. Cypha

    Bike carbs and coil packs.

    Ok long story short. ECU/EFI gone. Bike carbs in place. Using standalone electronic ignition. The standard coil pack require a stable 12v at crank to fire, however when cranking the voltage at the coil is between 10-11v. It has a new bigger amp battery with a regular reading of 13v. As the ECU did the step up to compensate for this situation, I need ideas on how to get round this issue or anyone that has already converted to carbs, how did you get round this issue? Many thanks in advance for any help. For reference is the lupo sport AUB engine with custom wiring loom.
  7. Cypha

    Crankposition sensor!?!?!

    You seem like a savvy guy to discuss something. The ignition coil pack needs a stable 12v at start up, but when I measured the voltage across the pack when cranking it dropped to 10.2v. now I read the ECU has a step up system built in to boost the voltage for the coil pack to compensate for this. Now I no longer run a ECU I am racking my brain on how to boost the voltage. I am going to call the manufacturer and the engineering firm tomorrow on how to get round this issue. Ideas I had...add a second battery with a split charging system. One from cranking and aux and the other for ignition only. It seems a stupid idea but... Add a powercap of sorts to boost the flow whilst cranking, but that also seem a silly idea. Got any thoughts? I might even post a separate question as I cannot be the only person with this issue.
  8. Cypha

    Crankposition sensor!?!?!

    Yes escort st's and rs's. Once I get the 3d tuning map up on my laptop I will get some screenshots for you. Also did I mention that the unit had built in Bluetooth for their custom dashboard app...saved me installing a rev counter which is a nice save.
  9. Cypha

    Crankposition sensor!?!?!

    Welcome to car spender anonymous! 😂 Everyone welcome....! I will get you some details on the ME unit, but it was quite easy to fit but I did think the 'helpline' wasn't very helpful.
  10. Cypha

    Crankposition sensor!?!?!

    No all gone now. It is a hollow metal box with wheels. Once I get a chance i will get it to a weighbridge and get the final weight. I know it seriously lighter as when I refitted the engine, the stance look I had at the front was replaced by it looking like a 4x4!
  11. Cypha

    Crankposition sensor!?!?!

    Your so right, but you know what it's like you spend and bit. Then a bit more. Then you stop telling the wife and hiding the boxes from eBay. Before I knew it I was so in the hole to give up and sell it as a unfinished project was a complete waste, might as well keep spending to get it finished. I would do it differently if I had to do it again. I made a lot of costly mistakes so it was a learning curve and you can't put a price on experience. What cars are you using as a daily or for the track?
  12. Cypha

    Crankposition sensor!?!?!

    Should Dyno around 130, but it has been on a serious diet. I weighed it before at about 695kg. I haven't weighed it yet but I reckon I have lost over 150kgs! No original interior at all. All window mechs removed. Polycarbonate windows all round. Stainless tank. Buckets with harnesses. I mean the original seats weighed in at 27kgs each! My new ones are 8kgs. The seatbelt mechs were 9kgs each! Plus I removed all the wiring. Check the before and after pictures. The loom and what I threw away! To be honest I am so far in the hole regarding costs it is cheap to keep spending till it is finished. I lost count after the first 5k. 😂 That said a vast amount went on kitting out my garage with air compressors/welders and tool chests.
  13. Cypha

    Crankposition sensor!?!?!

    Yes a road legal car that has a MOT. I cannot be arsed to low load it to the track each time.
  14. Cypha

    Crankposition sensor!?!?!

    You haven't seen the half of it. It's been a year of working most weekends and lots of fabricating. Fingers crossed the eBay engine #2 (don't ask about the first one it still brings a year - broke a head stud putting it back together after a full strip down ☚ī¸)
  15. Cypha

    Crankposition sensor!?!?!

    What it looks like at the moment.

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