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  1. Some truths.... 1. There's no difference in terms of the level of rustproofing in JDM cars vs European ones. This is a myth banded about in the nineties and has been proven many times now to be incorrect, they were made in the same factories and on the same production lines as our domestic cars and other than some subtle differences (Flares/no fog light requirement) were built in the same way. 2. Despite glossy importers images of pristine cars, the reality is that the Japanese Barry their cars just as badly if not moreso than we do.... Think MAX POWER meets driven through Halfords with velcro attached. Cars are often tidied up to make them look like cherished examples before sale/import. 3. The only real virtue of importing a car from the land of the rising sun aside from some build/spec quirks here and there is rust (Or the lack-of). This makes sense for MR2's/MX5's/Skylines/Imprezas etc as they all dissolve in our salty winters, Lupo's not so much, they're galvanised. Granted, they do rust, but not to the same extent as the aforementioned cars and as such you still stand a fairly good chance of finding a rust free example domestically. In short I can think of lots of cars that would be arguably worth paying the premium to import, IMO it would be pointless paying to bring something like a Lupo over.
  2. As per the title chaps I don't get much of a chance to drive the little SDI these days as it's been in the wife's custody for a while now, took it out tonight and was disappointed to find that there's now a pretty nasty hesitation and/or juddering sensation at low revs, usually the 1000-1800 range. In the past I used to marvel at the fact the car would happily chug along at 30 mph in 5th at around 1100 rpm without complaining, now it seems like 30mph in 4th is too much to ask, it's complaining pretty badly and almost seems to be asking for a lower gear Anything over 2000 is fine... To make matters more frustrating, I got in this afternoon after driving it and asked how long it had been like, she confirmed it's been a month or so My first thought is fuel starvation? The current fuel filter is about to hit 2 years old and has covered circa 17000 miles so that seems like a good place to start? I know @Skezza has experience of cleaning the fuel pickup/strainer, worth looking there? Anywhere else I should be looking? As always any feedback/suggestions would be gratefully received.
  3. JoeyEunos

    SDI alternator removal - how the heck!?

  4. JoeyEunos

    SDI alternator removal - how the heck!?

    Agreed, good write up and full marks for posting. I've not been unlucky enough to have to do this myself yet but did notice when replacing the PAS pump that the alternator looked like it would be lots of fun to remove.
  5. JoeyEunos

    JoeyEunos's SDI Beater.

    Yes, the Lupo looks properly tiny parked on the drive next to it
  6. JoeyEunos

    JoeyEunos's SDI Beater.

    Greetings all, thought it was about time I got a 'members cars' thread started for my little SDI. I picked her up earlier in the week for a fairly reasonable price, she's got 120k on the clock and has FSH and 11 months ticket I'd bought the car in search of the galactic levels of economy the diesel variants are capable of, although so far I seem to have spent most of my time worrying about every gearchange and awaiting iminent peddle box or gearbox failure, lol. At least the fact that the car was pretty cheap means I can decide to walk away should the worst happen! I hadn't really planned on any modding per se but TBH I always say that The story starts here...
  7. JoeyEunos

    JoeyEunos's SDI Beater.

    The little Lupo is running well after her service. Meanwhile I have become bored again/developed an itchy trigger finger... Today I bought her a new stable mate in the form of a cheap/big/old and incredibly retro Volvo 940 turbo estate. SAM_6328 by SAM_6339 (2) by
  8. JoeyEunos

    Seat Arosa Sport pedal box

    Weird, I've found them a fair bit cheaper... 5l of Quantum Platinum is circa £12 at TPS but close to £30 at the dealer, '5+ range' battery for the Golf was £55 at TPS but £70ish at VW Also the red Quantum coolant they sell meets G12 and is cheap, unlike the extortionate purple G13 stuff at the stealer Maybe there are regional differences? Either way (And back on topic) I'm pretty sure @Rich offers a drive in-drive out pedal box welding service, depending on where you are it might be worth giving him a nudge
  9. JoeyEunos

    1.7 SDI gearbox needed

    Yes, G50 seems to be working perfectly well for me too, like you I've replaced the selector seal and keep the box topped up. Do you mean the selector shaft, or the linkage mechanisms?
  10. JoeyEunos

    JoeyEunos's SDI Beater.

    More fool you for not making it clear that beer/ weird imported sausage are crucial for a smooth job. Only got yourself to blame.
  11. JoeyEunos

    JoeyEunos's SDI Beater.

    Right, no updates here for some time eh? A fortnight ago I gave the Lupo a dose of injector cleaner and an Italian tune up after some rough running. Much better This weekend I rewarded the old girl by providing a full service... Air filter looked pretty grubby after covering 16000 miles over the last 2 years... Gearbox oil top ups... Turns out this step was actually unnecessary, having replaced the selector seal last year the level had stayed toppy tops and also looked bone dry underneath, I've looked at loads of Lupos and they all all seem to glisten with oil on the underside of the box, not mine though How long with the seal hold out? Who knows but it's up to about 5k now without even the smallest of weeps That's it, job jobbed. To celebrate I quaffed a selection of fine ales, ate an imported German sausage thing and a selection of soft cheeses
  12. EGR blanking is a possibility but not at present as all is running well again. @Lupo 1.7 sdi, have you deleted/blanked yours?
  13. JoeyEunos

    1.7 SDI gearbox needed

    RE gearbox oil, proper VW G50 works quite well too. It's a 75W90 Gl4 synthetic, but actually much thicker than most other oils of the same grade. Bit tricky to get but it is still available.
  14. Thought so... They were described as 'Sports Seats' in the original brochures IIRC, they look like Recaros but aren't I bought a set of these for £30 too, then found a better set (3X3 rear belts) for £20, so I've actually got two sets, one set lives in the loft. Mk4 parts = pretty much rock bottom price at present.
  15. Nothing brightens up my day like some high Res images of a well used bush. Is it bad that I've spotted the background in your candid bush shots is a MK4 Golf 'sport' (Recaro lookalike) seat? *Must try to get out more*
  16. Please report back once testing phase is complete.
  17. ^The magic words that the female contingent of CL have all been secretly waiting to hear you utter... Don't keep us all in suspense...Did it put an end to the knocking? Mine's had a hideous clunk ever since I bought it a few years back (I actually came and spoke to you in person about it when it was in the first week of it's tenure at cassa Eunos IIRC) I've done drop links, rear shocks/boots/bump stops, but in the end learned to live with it given driving an SDI is pure misery irrespective of much clunkorz. Perhaps ARB bushes are to blame for mine, if not maybe rear beam bushes
  18. JoeyEunos

    SDI power steering pressure pipe

    No need to remove the bumper to change the aux belt, but to change the PAS or the hardlines it's a necessary evil IME. Removing the bumper is pretty much the same sequence as MK4 golf, I'm sure there's a YouTube video of the process, just have at it ? It'snot complicated, but it is deffo time consuming compared to other VAG stuff.
  19. JoeyEunos

    SDI power steering pressure pipe

    Bumper off I'm afraid, or at least it was when I had to get the PAS pump off.
  20. JoeyEunos

    Odd Temp Sensor Fault

    The thermostat has failed in the 'open' position (They're designed to fail this way), seen this on a few of mine. Change the thermostat and I'll bet you the problem stops and the car will sit and stay at a steady 90 once up to running temperature
  21. #ThankF*ckIDon'tHaveToRemoveIntake
  22. Ghost trapped in the re-circulating haunted house valve filter maybe? Seriously, not enough to go on here. Try to be more specific as to the noise location and what circumstances it takes place
  23. If the problems arise again the I will do For any future Lupo bodgers who stumble across this topic, the SDI is derv not petrol! This thread doesn't relate to petrol variants
  24. JoeyEunos

    Knocking in front end.

    Check drop links/wishbone bushes/ARB bushes.
  25. Right, I wanted to wait a few days before coming here and gloating, the issue is now resolved A bottle of 'Tunap 984' and 30 miles on the motorway in 4th gear later and job jobbed :) The car is running well and pulling cleanly from low revs so the strip down and cleaning of trumpets/inlet manifold will have to wait for another day... The car's due a service within the next couple of weeks so that will help too I'd imagine. Thanks to everyone who chimed in on this, you're a good bunch

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